Adelaide Damoah x Flight Logistics

We are excited to announce that our superstar artist Adelaide Damoah is the face of the latest ShipArt van of Flight Logistics delivering art to all art collectors across London.

Flight Logistics  introduced global specialist services to the art sector over 10 years ago as an extension of its portfolio of full 3PL solutions and its art client base has evolved from pure Street and Urban art roots in the Bristol art scene to now include some of the most iconic and (in) famous artists, galleries, curators, auction houses, agencies and collectors across the world!

Over the past 3 years Flight Logistics has joined forces with world renowned artists to create artistic vehicle wraps for their ShipArt™ fleet. The project was started in the Company’s 25th anniversary year and 3 years on there are 9 vehicles wrapped as statement pieces of art in their own right with a further 4 scheduled for later in 2019.

Tracey Brown, Managing Director, Flight Logistics explains: “I initiated the project in 2016, our 25th anniversary year as a celebration of our work with sponsoring various projects across the global art community. I wanted Flight to be more than a ‘shipper’ and to become part of the wider art scene – supporting artists, encouraging creativity and making a small contribution to the movement to make art in its infinite forms accessible to all. The vehicle wrap project gave rise to our #artonwheels and #poweredbyartists social media campaigns and we now have a waiting list of artists wanting to create art for the ShipArt™ fleet. In selecting artists to provide artwork for the van wrap projects we look for artists using interesting mediums, styles and stories – every van is very different and every artist needs to consider that they have only around 60 seconds on average to make an impression on the public as the vehicle passes  – that is a challenge in itself! MTArt Agency artist Adelaide Damoah’s work interested me in particular after a visit to her studio and watching some of her ‘performance art’ in 2018 – her story and style are utterly unique and beautifully crafted – it was hard to envisage initially how that would translate to the vehicle but I think that the piece really captures the essence of Adelaide and the movement in her art as well as her steely determination and focus!”

“In selecting artists to provide artwork for the van wrap projects we look for artists using interesting mediums, styles and stories”

Tracey Brown

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