Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti “I’d rather be in a dark silence than”

From the Factory Berlin x Sónar+D Artist in Residence program our amazing LA-based artist duo Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti present I’d rather be in a dark silence than (2020), a multimedia interpretation of their signal blocking trench coat of the same name. Created in collaboration with fashion designer Barbara Sanchez-Kane, the coat merges conceptual art, fashion, and function. 

For this multimedia interpretation of the coat, Ti and Catherine collaborated with Berlin-based artists and fellow artists-in-residence to translate the work into other outputs, culminating in an environmental tapestry. They worked with Evelyn Bencicova on a photo series and created a short film with Mishka Kornai. An AR filter by Aaron Jablonski is discoverable in the space, which is also used in the film. These works demonstrate the coat’s capability to withdraw the wearer’s identity. The exhibition score includes pieces from Amon Tobin, Tony Cruise, with words written/performed by Cruise entitled Privacy is Fake Now.

Credits: I’d rather be in a dark silence than by Dejha Ti and Ania Catherine in partnership with the  Museum of Contemporary Digital Art in London. Fashion: Barbara Sanchez-Kane, Still photography: Evelyn Bencicova, Film: Catherine & Ti, Mishka Kornai, AR: Aaron Jablonski, Performance (film): Daniela Dominique, (stills): Catherine & Ti, Words and voice: Tony Cruise, Music: Amon Tobin, Tony Cruise. Special thanks: Sandira Blas, Martin Eyerer, Oscar Lindahl, Catherine Bischoff, Daniela Skeyki, Factory Berlin, Sonar+D, and Beats by Dr. Dre.

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