AI-Da at Tate Modern

Sadie was invited to creatively explore ideas of identity through technology at the Tate Exchange which lead to the first ever collaboration between a robot artist, Ai-Da and a human artist, Sadie.

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Alcantara at Art Basel Miami

Sadie was one of the 10 artists selected worldwide by the internationally known brand Alcantara to create a piece from one of their materials showing female strength.

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Nixon Watches

Nixon commissioned Sadie a bespoke range of watches featuring her signature copper metal centering on having ‘time for creativity’.    

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The Crystal Grand Piano

2015. 500,000 Swarovski crystals. A Steinway piano encrusted with half a million crystals. The masterpiece is a collaboration by luxury British piano brand Goldfinch and contemporary artist Lauren Baker. Commissioned by an influential sheikh in Qatar.

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Clerkenwell Design Week Installation

2014. Dibond, metal. 213 x 60 x 40 cm (83.8 x 23.6 x 15.7 in). A 7th geometric mirrored sculpture made of multiple mirrored polygons, representing a gateway to another dimension or realm. This sculpture was commissioned by Urban Spaces for Clerkenwell Design Week.

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You Move Me

2016. Swarovski crystals in varying sizes, black silicone, animatronics. You Move Me is a crystallised, beating heart sculpture. The anatomical heart was moulded from a real human heart. It begins to beat – with unnerving realistic movement and sound – when people are near.  

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A Simple Hello Could Lead To A Million Things

2017. White neon, 750 cm (295.3 in). In collaboration with Rise Gallery, commissioned by the council, Lauren created this uplifting neon installation on Surrey St Bridge, Croydon, designed to bring positivity to the public.

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TED Talk: How social media visuals affects our mind?

Our CEO Marine Tanguy speaking in Lausanne about how our social media feeds affect our mental health. Click here to watch the full talk

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TED Talk: How artists can transform our cities

Our CEO Marine Tanguy speaking at King’s College London on the transformative power that artists have in an urban context. Click here to watch the full talk

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