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Amber Vittoria

New York-based and Forbes 30 Under 30 artist Amber Vittoria focuses on femininity and the female form, challenging and shifting perceptions on gender stereotypes. Her body of work leans into leveraging bright colours, bold shapes and intimate details to tell a relatable story about womanhood, aiming to dismantle the societal tropes set upon women both emotionally and physically.

As a former web designer at a major fashion brand, Amber Vittoria was dismayed to see how women were depicted in advertising and art, and began creating works that subvert traditional representation of female bodies and tell emotional stories. Her signature female characters strike quirky poses with abstract, elongated shapes. Full of colour and life, she creates non-traditional, or non idealized portrayals of the female form, as exaggerated but essentially more accurate. The artist also draws inspiration from the natural environment as well as big cities, like the streets of her local New York.

From brightly-colored digital works to simpler black ink drawings, Amber Vittoria depicts the feminine in a way that is powerful, soft and humanizing. To best display her use of form and colour, her final pieces balance a digital and analogue process — blocking in shapes digitally before printing out the forms and working with brush pens; intentionally balancing a vivid, inviting colour palette with more serious, challenging subject matter.

Amber Vittoria often collaborates with like-minded brands, such as Warby Parker, The New York Times, NBC, Google, K-Swiss, Refinery29, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Condé Nast, Adidas, and Snapchat, on pieces that further her narrative. The artist also took part in a 6-week residency at Facebook’s Analog Lab focusing on the idea of empathy. Inspired by the modern embrace of individuality within office spaces, this risograph poster series leverages bright and colourful portraits of women heading into work, and was awarded the World Illustration Award Longlist honor.

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artworks Oeuvres
d’art sélectionnées

Coming Around , 2020

Acrylic and Ink on Paper 8x10 inches

Tripping Over Myself , 2020

Acrylic and Ink on Paper 8x10 inches

A Swinging Mood , 2020

Acrylic and Ink on Paper 8x10 inches

Finding The Sunlight , 2020

Acrylic and Ink on Paper 8x10 inches

Where Did I Put My Phone , 2020

Acrylic and Ink on Paper 8x10 inches


MTArt Agency is excited to present a brand new partnership between our artist Amber Vittoria and Maison Flâneur, the unique online homeware shop. Maison Flâneur, Amber Vittoria and MTArt Agency wanted to create an inspiring piece that would bring art into the home and reflected Maison Flâneur’s philosophy of offering meaningful products that reflect the context of cultures, and trends that shape the world we live in. 

We put together a hope-themed art exhibition thanks to Sookspaces with curator Mary Ahearn that celebrates the role that art plays into our lives and our hearts. Featuring Delphine Diallo, Tiffany Bouelle, Amber Vittoria, Asiko, Andrea Tyrimos, David Aiu Servan-Schreiber, Claire Luxton and Léo Caillard.

Amber Vittoria created an artist edition sock set in collaboration with Happy Socks. Each sock is a different portrait of a woman, totaling 6 portraits within 3 pairs. Each pair is meant to be mixed and matched, speaking to the idea that when women come together in different ways, the most amazing things can happen.

The Swedish department store Nordiska Kompaniet invited Amber Vittoria to create illustrations for their Spring/Summer Campaign, used for in-store signage, packaging, social media, and digital assets. The collection spoke to the excitement surrounding warmer weather and feeling confident in dressing in one’s most authentic way.

Amber Vittoria was commissioned by Warby Parker to create a mural for their newly renovated Newbury Street shop in Boston. This piece speaks to the idea of coming together and enjoying each other’s company.

The prestigious and trendy French luxury department store Le Bon Marché asked Amber Vittoria to illustrate the brand-curated 2019 holiday catalogue. Each illustration is a two-page spread leveraging the most coveted styles from the shop’s top brands.

In collaboration with Calida Switzerland, Amber Vittoria created a capsule collection speaking to the importance of sustainability. The artwork was inspired by the fully recyclable shirts on which they are printed, with each illustration speaking to our relationship with Mother Nature and how caring for our planet is synonymous with caring for our humanity.

As part of several wider Gucci social campaign activations, these pieces were commissioned by Gucci to depict and visually develop upon various pieces within their perfume and knitwear collections.

Through the bright colors of “This Space Is For You,” this collaborative K-Swiss Classic pair celebrates the space women have made to express themselves both physically and emotionally. The woman in the piece also pushes to create even more space, representing the continued crusade for intersectional feminism and equality amongst genders. This collaboration had an international release on International Women’s Day.

Romawa commissioned Amber Vittoria to create illustrations aimed to play off of ease of travel and their iconic groove case designs.

To represent and celebrate Women’s History Month, Amber Vittoria and Tombolo collaborated on an exclusive shirt, named “Taking A Day”. It speaks to not only taking time to reflect on how far we have come in striving for equality amongst genders, but also taking the time to continuously push further for equality and intersectional feminism.

In collaboration with Ordinary Habit, Amber Vittoria created a 500 pieces puzzle called “Wish You Were Here”. Once assembled, this deceptively simple-looking painting is a strikingly geometric ode to the female figure. Disassembled, her piece becomes wildly abstract.

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