Euston Town Arts & Cultural Strategy

Euston Town is a partnership funded by local business, tasked to ensure that all stakeholders and communities benefit from the major construction taking place. The strategy is devised in partnership with MTArt Agency and supported by Camden Council’s Art Development team. This arts and culture strategy represents our commitment to helping to create a thriving creative scene, driven by the […]

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Approach art investment like a VC to make a profit

By Marine Tanguy. If you decided at this very moment to invest in your first work of art, how would you start? You might begin by walking into a gallery in search of an expert, or you might go online to gain an understanding of the kind of works that are appreciating in value. Yet […]

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Why you should invest in artists, not in art

By Marine Tanguy. If you want a return on your investment, it’s time to think about Bart Simpson. That might sound strange, but we live in a new age of art investment, and a new era of art investors. And it is for this reason that millennial collectors descended on a Sotheby’s auction in Hong […]

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Marine Tanguy thinks our eyes deserve more than narcissistic soft porn — so she’s building a stable of talents to rival Kim Kardashian

One day Marine Tanguy decided to do a test. She posted a picture of her bottom in a bikini to her 24,000 Instagram followers. The post received 75% more views than usual — and most of the viewers were other women. “I’m a grown woman,” says the 29-year-old French founder of arts talent agency MT […]

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Why I’m proud that the art industry has taken a stand against the Sackler family

By Marine Tanguy. When I heard that the Tate Group was following the National Gallery’s example by refusing to take further donations from the Sackler Trust, funded by the Sackler family, I felt a sense of both relief and pride in the arts industry. The Trust has for many years made generous donations to leading […]

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Visual Diet

How do we challenge the way we currently consume imagery and interact with social media? How do we make the public more conscious of their visual diet? Instagram Imagery, like anything else, can be healthy or harmful, addictive or nutritious. And now, more so than ever, this has become a massive issue with the huge […]

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The Voice of a Generation: Art & Millenials

By Marine Tanguy. It is undeniable that this generation is experiencing a period of drastic change and facing the resulting societal tensions. What is the role of art and artists within this? If an artistic movement can be taken as constituting a campaign, undertaken to advance and appropriate this change, it becomes clear that a […]

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Art Market: How to trade with trust

By Marine Tanguy. Over half of collectors are afraid to buy a fake. Why trust is key at every level of art trade, from the artist to the collector, and back to the artist. Not everyone is as lucky as the buyer of Banksy’s Girl with Balloon that shredded itself during the auction to become […]

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