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Our community of collectors is very important to us, and it’s what we think makes MTArt Agency special. We know how exciting buying a new piece of art is, and we want to make it an enjoyable experience for you, whether it’s your first, fifth, or one-hundredth piece.

Each artist that is represented by MTArt Agency is carefully selected for their innovative talent, their work ethic and their investment potential. We invest in all the artists we represent and closely monitor their progress. When you acquire a piece by your favourite artists through us, we will directly introduce you to them so you can get to know the artist too.

Our team has a wealth of experience in the art world and we believe the art world should be transparent and accessible. We can advise, support and answer any question you might have either about one of our artists or about collecting art. We can help you deliver and transport your art safely, help you visualise what art will look like in your home, and advise you on the best investment prospects.

Join our ‘Rising Star Circle’

The ‘Rising Star Circle’ is an exclusive annual membership-based subscription service designed by MTArt Agency to help you strategize, plan, and manage the art collection of your dream (starting from £1,000 + VAT per month).

By joining our club, you will access the help you need to navigate the sometimes dizzying landscape of the contemporary art market.

How does it work?

Step 1. Contact us to set up a consultation call
Our team of art investment experts will help you identify the right budget and strategy for you to manage your art collection and will explain the T&C’s of our club. Please note that you can either have to artworks delivered to you or can arrange storage with one of our specialist suppliers.

Step 2. Sign and send us your application form 
Once our team has helped you identify your art collecting needs and objectives, download and return your application form to your dedicated art advisor.

Step 3. Receive quarterly proposals and updates
Your Advisor will prepare a bespoke art proposal comprised of works that are most likely to achieve your goals, keep you up to date with art market news and performance, and inform you of new opportunities that will complement your existing portfolio by flagging new talents.

Step 4. Enjoy art at home or safely store it at our supplier’s facility
Arrange the delivery and install of your new artworks with our team or receive condition reports and updates from our supplier’s storage facility.

Step 5. Reselling your artwork when the timing is right
Your advisor will get in touch when it is a good time to sell your artwork based on current market trends, demand for individual artists, and recent sales. You can also reach out to resale one of your artworks with us after a minimum of 24 months of holding onto the artwork.

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Meet some of our collectors

“I look for a vision, a meaning and a good human being in an artist. In an artwork, I look for something that resonates strongly both in its meaning and its design.MTArt sources the best talents and help them grow through projects and visibility, from public art to partnerships with brands and media. MTArt is making art accessible to many, inspiring each and every one of us.”

Louise Boucon, MTArt Collector

“I love David’s vision and the meaning behind his works. I have immense trust in Marine and MTArt, and believe that his work is truly a great investment. Visually I find David’s work soothing and calming and from a designer aspect they work within so many interiors. When David hand-delivered the work I commissioned, I felt so proud that I finally owned one of his works I had coveted for years.”

Michele Atijas, MTArt Collector

“I don’t have the time in my life to research all the artists I could be working with and collecting. The fact MTArt Agency sees 100-200 artists a month and finds the ones they think are the most exciting means that straight away I get to meet artists without spending a huge amount of time doing it.

My budget cannot afford a lot of the galleries in London and MTArt is very good at finding some of the best sub 10k up and coming artists. This is great for me.”

William McQuillan, MTArt Collector

Case Study: invest in MTArt Agency’s artists

David Aiu Servan-Schreiber cares deeply about our planet and the life that is supported by it. His work offers a well-needed moment to stop, reflect, and appreciate what is inside and around us, and gives us a golden chance to unearth life lessons and take action.

  • Joined MTArt Agency in 2016
  • Average artwork value in 2016: £3,000
  • Average artwork value in 2021: £18,000
  • = 500% increase in 5 years sustained by prestigious collectors’ sales and prominent brand collaborations with Ruinart, Pomellato, Rosewood, Diptyque, Sofitel, and Glenfiddich.

We love seeing the works of our artists in the beautiful homes of our collectors

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