We empower you to make the right investment into the most exciting up and coming artists
with data driven analysis. Make better and more informed collecting decisions.



Depending on your budget, we create a bespoke strategy of investment We often
suggest a diversified approach, mixing high-growth and more emerging investments.
To know more on how we invest in artists read the following article:


High growth

A high growth investment is an artist with a stable growth, who is in constant demand from collectors and partners. Our artists David Aiu Servan-Schreiber, Adelaide Damoah and Léo Caillard proved to have this stable growth with regular and trackable successes.


An emerging investment is an artist that we have just selected and that we believe will become a financial success. This is the right time to invest in them, as the prices are lower since they haven’t had as long as a career as the others ones, they are starting to obtain their first sales and projects and we are about to invest a lot of resources in them.

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