La Ruche (The Hive)

This art piece aims at raising the public awareness on bees and their
importance on our planet in order to insure the survival.


Fondation GoodPlanet
1 Carrefour de Longchamp, 75116 Paris


From 13th April 2019
Wed-Fri 12pm-6pm, Sat-Sun 11am-7pm


What is it?

Pollination Collective was established out of the wish of 4 artists: Ugo Schildge, David Servant Schreiber, Pauline Guerrier and Sarah Valente.


Gathered by the Fondation GoodPlanet, founded by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, they imagined together a 16 meters high sculpture: La Ruche (The Hive).

This artwork wishes to raise a stronger awareness on the importance of bees on our planet in order to insure the survival of many animal and vegetal species.


La Ruche is a 16 meters high sculpture made up of 60.000 colored and translucent resin alveolus.

It becomes alive thanks to sound and light effects, immersing the audience in the accelerated life of a human size beehive, from the hibernation, to the zenith of its activity and the total extinction of bees. The sculpture will be exhibited at the foundation for 30 years.


Each of the artist works on the importance of nature and environment in his individual work. Sustainability is a key theme in their personal artistic approaches.


Convinced that art is the reflection of an era, that sustainability and environmental conservation issues are more relevant than ever, they created this collective with a common identity.

As well as our planet will not survive if we do not gather personal efforts, they wish to share this idea that the disappearance of individualism for the benefit of a global movement is the current most viable, natural and logical solution for the future of humanity. So, naturally, there should be movements and proposals following this worldwide initiative in the art world.


La Ruche, the collective’s first project, will be inaugurated on April 13th at the Fondation GoodPlanet.

This work will be the central theme of the foundation’s 2019 program and will become a major permanent installation for the place.

On June 8th and 9th, at the Espace Eiffel, the artists will expose their common works stemmed from the technics developed for the implementation of La Ruche. Personal works will also be presented.

Thereafter, the artists wish to spread their technics and messages internationally.

The collective also wishes to work on tailor-made projects linked to environment and sustainability issues for different sorts of venues, institutions, foundations or individuals who want to participate in the diffusion of a poetic message for awareness.

The collective will organize, in parallel, different exhibitions of more portable works made up of the same technics developed for the resin alveolus of La Ruche.

Those art works will then be put for sale in order for the Fondation GoodPlanet and other institutions to receive a percentage of profit.

The project will be visibile from 13th April 2019 and it will feature MTArt artist David Aiu Servan-Schreiber. For any information about the project contact

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