Cinema of the Inner Eye

Cinema of the Inner Eye , 2021

80 x 40 x 60 cm

InstallationLight work


£14400 +VAT


‘Cinema of the Inner Eye’ reappropriates techniques from cinematics and telescopy, projecting light through a series of optically coated prisms and lenses. The artists use suspended glass to mediate light in precise constellations in order to “paint” with the resulting spectrality, forming ambient openings and atmospheric dimensions of shifting light and colour. The hand-blown glass forms are derived from a geometric analysis that reflects the cosmological undertones of the work and considers the displacement of our technical apparatuses back into the context of “deep time”. Spherical forms becoming increasingly faceted and hewn such that smaller, more crystalline dimensions emerge, with each new facet revealing further colouration. The artists conceive of the emergent spectrality that projects from this interaction of light, colour and geometry as speaking towards the opening of consciousness through our cosmo-technical enframing.


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