Deep Time Clouds

Deep Time Clouds , 2018

120-170 x 60 x 60 cm

InstallationLight work


£40000 +VAT


Per cloud, £40,000 + VAT; 5 clouds, £180,000 + VAT

A ‘cloud’ formed from lattice work containing elemental and media objects, the ‘Deep Time’ sculpture is composed to interact with light, revealing a spectral fingerprint. The piece asks: ‘what is the spectral fingerprint of a place?’ A place is a crux poised between layers of time that stretch outwards in two directions: downwards, fossil records, buried strata of the light of the past; upwards, the ancient light of the stars. The spectral fingerprint of a place deals with its deep time – the light of its geological and cosmological past, interfaced by elemental media that shape the now. Now-ness is an interactivity. The sculpture is comprised of luminous, crystalline clouds of elemental media, that co-compose the light of the place.


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