Quietude: In-finities

Quietude: In-finities , 2015

500 x 500 cm

InstallationLight work


£30000 +VAT


A perceptual instrument exploring cyclical interrelations between forms of projection, tracing and reflection—a landscape of mind that unfolds in flux, interfacing between body and environment. A single spotlight is directed towards a constellation of glass circles, which turn on their axis as intra-active dream-objects that combine, travel together, enclose one another, and then separate, occlude, circle and pass through; projecting ever changing combinations of orbital motion onto the surrounding space. A movement of quietude—an opening relation. The immediate horizon given to our perception appears to us to be necessarily surrounded by a wider circle, existing though unperceived, this circle itself implying yet another outside it and so on, ad infinitum – Bergson. Such is the in-finite, as the affirmation that all finitude (and every being is finite) is, in itself, in excess of its determinacy. It is in infinite relation – Nancy. I live my life in growing orbits which move out over the things of the world – Rilke


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