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recent collaborations

We are incredibly excited to announce that we are collaborating with global luxury e-commerce company Mytheresa to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021! Our relationship with Mytheresa started a few years ago when our founder Marine Tanguy won the “Next Woman Award” supported by the brand’s CEO Michael Kliger. Mytheresa is such an incredible success story of a disrupter in the luxury and fashion world, we are proud to work with a brand who like us, disrupts the traditional world they are in and seeks to have an impact.

At MTArt Agency we support a new generation of women that collect art and fashion from the most inspiring artists and designers. So, to celebrate International Women’s Day, we wanted to feature a few of these women: our founder Marine Tanguy, our artist Tiffany Bouelle, our Patron of the Year Inès Leonarduzzi and our art collector Noëlla Coursaris Musunka. More information here.

London Fashion Week 2021 with our artists Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti for Mithridate’s autumn and winter 2021 collection. After our very successful fashion show at the Serpentine Gallery, “Anthropocene” with Mithridate in September 2020, we are super proud to continue our relationship with Mithridate with the art of our artists. With all the restrictions in London, Chinese luxury brand Mithridate collaborated with our artist duo to create a digital experience for the reveal of their new collection. The work which reveals Mithridate’s AW 2021 collection is a multimedia interactive experiential work entitled “Automatiste”. Mithridate’s presentation of Automatiste will be live at 10:45 GMT on Monday, 22 February during London Fashion Week. More information here.

The works of our artist Jennifer Abessira are entering the art collection of the member’s club Soho House in Tel Aviv.

Soho House is a place for people to connect, grow, have fun, and make an impact in their respective industries. Soho House Tel Aviv is opening in spring 2021, it is located in a former convent in the historic Jaffa neighbourhood – the bright and colourful artworks of Tel Aviv based artist Jennifer Abessira are definitely going to stand out! Her pieces will enter Soho House’s art collection, it is more than 12 years old and aims to spotlight artists in the cities where their Houses are located. It includes pieces by museum-level creators as well as works by emerging artists, such as Tracey Emin, Charming Baker, Dread Scott, Carey Kwok, Florence Peake, Donna Huanca and Admire Kamudzengerere. We are so proud that the art of our artists is joining this prestigious place, a place where people meet and discuss inspiring and innovative projects in the most stylish places around the globe.

After our very successful exhibition “Hope Ratio” in June 2020, we partnered up for the second time with UBP in Monaco and created an exhibition called “A Brave New World” with eight MTArt Agency artists. In June 2020, we partnered up with UBP and exhibited for the first time the work of our artists in UBP’s beautiful space in Monaco on the theme of hope and sustainability. Like last year in 2020, our show addresses key topics that MTArt Agency and its artists feel very passionate about. “A Brave New World” tackles the issues and challenges that our world is facing and how as human beings we interact with these and our environment. Here are a few glimpses of our new exhibition featuring artists Asiko, Andrea Tyrimos, Ben Cullen Williams, Elisa Insua, Jesu Moratiel, Leo Caillard, Shana Wilson, Tiffany Bouelle and Claire Luxton. The exhibition is from January 2021 until August 2021. More information here.

Our artist Andrea Tyrimos worked with W1 Curates in London, W1 Curates showcases works from some of the most innovative artists from around the world on their digital screens in the heart of London on Oxford Street. Our artist Andrea Tyrimos joined the #LightItBlue project, it is an initiative that is part of the wider #MakeItBlue campaign in the UK – the campaign encourages people everywhere to share their own messages of gratitude and solidarity to the NHS.Created during London’s first lockdown in 2020, Andrea Tyrimos’s painting “Sophie”, wanted to elevate key workers to the status they deserve by shining a light on the crucial work they do.

Andrea Tyrimos’s artwork is diffused on the screens every Thursday evening from the 4th of February 2021 (end date to be confirmed).

(Timed Limited Edition ONLY)

For Valentine’s Day, treat yourself, your friend, your partner or even your dog with an artwork!

We worked with our artist Claire Luxton and decided to create a unique print called « YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE ». With Claire, we thought it was important for us to create a piece that you will be able to gif to the person that makes you smile every day and is the sunshine in your life. Art is a beautiful way to remind our loved ones and relatives that we care about them. More info here.

Artworks by
best-selling artists

Solta , 2020

Acrylic, fire and metal leaf on panel 180 x 122 cm

, 2018

Digital print 59.4 x 84.1 cm

Dear Golden People , 2021

Acrylic and ocre 29,7 x 21 cm

Fire and Ice , 2016

Archival print on aluminium under acrylic glass 2 sizes Limited Edition of 15 per size

Jungle Juice

Archival print on aluminium under acrylic glass 150 x 120 cm, 80 x 100 cm, 40 x 50 cm, 30 x 36 cm Edition of 5, edition of 10, edition of 10, edition of 10,

onijo , 2016

Metallic print 76,2 x 50,8 cm Edition of 3

Chronicles of a massacre: hunger, war, plagues, deicide (or the death of hope) , 2018

Dead bees, transparent polyester resin, pigment, methacrylate, lacquered steel Variable measures (70 x42 cm each)

Expectations in hindsight , 2020

Metallic Print 109,22 x 76,2 or 76,2 x 50,8 Edition of 3 or 5

Renaissance III , 2019

Fine Art Print under Gallery Diasec in Box Frame 36 x 48 inches Edition of 4 ex + 1 AP

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