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David Aiu Servan Schreiber cares about our future, and through his art, wants to inspire the humankind to preserve our planet.
David Aiu Servan-Schreiber
For Saype, art must be a tool furthering social advances and helping social conflicts
Adelaide cares about female empowerment
Adelaide Damoah
Using anachronism, Leo Caillard wants us to reflect about the present in light of our past
Léo Caillard
Shuster + Moseley’s studio practice creates immersive artworks for meditative experiences, reflecting on our relationship with new technologies
Shuster + Moseley
Obvious care about reducing the information bias regarding the development of technology and re-creating the world using artificial intelligence. They created the first piece of AI-generated art to come to auction, sold for $432,500 by Christie's NY.
Enam's work provokes audiences to address the centuries of pain that live within, tied to a dark global history that connects us all
Enam Gbewonyo
Elisa's pieces are about desire, opulence, ostentation and luxury
Elisa Insua
Lauren's work explores the fragility of life, energy-fields, the after-life and other dimensions
Lauren Baker
Jennifer Abessira draws us to a reflection of our digital life versus the one that we actually live
Jennifer Abessira
Sadie uses copper in her works as a conductor of spirituality to build a positive community
Sadie Clayton
Konvalina's work responds to various questions and practices of our society and through his art he aims to inspire further conversations.
Jasmine Pradissitto cares about the ethics of progress
Jasmine Pradissitto
Delphine cares about changing the gaze in photography and creating a new narrative to empower women of colour because of the lack of representation into the art world and beyond..
Delphine Diallo
Sian's work combines movement, the female body and technology to explore disembodiment and human experience in the digital age.
Sian Fan
Clémence Vazard deconstructs gender stereotypes to reconstruct a powerful story of feminity
Clémence Vazard

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