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We focus on investing in the top artists who could inspire everyone. We truly believe in artists with innovative techniques, inspiring content and strong visions.

David Aiu Servan Schreiber cares about our future, and through his art, wants to inspire the humankind to preserve our planet.

David Aiu Servan-Schreiber

Robert Montgomery follows a tradition of conceptual art and stands out by bringing a poetic voice to the discourse of text art.

Robert Montgomery

Known for her ambitious, large-scale and explosively colourful interventions in public spaces, Camille Walala uses the man-made landscape as a platform for disseminating positivity.

Camille Walala

Rayvenn Shaleigha D'Clark is a UK based, self-taught, digital sculptor, writer, researcher and curator living in Central London. She explores the nuances of identity that pivot between hyper-visibility and invisibility, offering (re-)imagined collective perspective.

Rayvenn Shaleigha D'Clark

mtart agency dede bandaid
Dede Bandaid is a Tel-Aviv based, urban narrative artist, who utilizes various mediums to communicate within the public arena.

Dede Bandaid

mtart agency walter and zoniel
Walter & Zoniel are collaborating and exhibiting internationally. Multidisciplinary in their practice, they work with a variety of mediums one of which being the production of interactive and socially engaging installations/performances.

Walter & Zoniel

Jesu cares about science, nature and history, concerns that are constantly reflected in his work. Through his practice, he wishes to expose the darkest truths about the times in which we live in.

Jesu Moratiel

Delphine cares about changing the gaze in photography and creating a new narrative to empower women of colour because of the lack of representation into the art world and beyond..

Delphine Diallo

Influenced by Modernism, film and video games, his often large-scale urban referenced structures, and light sculptures are designed to recreate the experience of navigating the city around us.

Nathaniel Rackowe

Zahra Holm explores the complexity and beauty of femininity and the female form using bold colours and striking compositions.

Zahra Holm

Nitzan Mintz is a visual poet based in Tel Aviv, she creates visual poetry in the public sphere.

Nitzan Mintz

Using anachronism, Leo Caillard wants us to reflect about the present in light of our past

Léo Caillard

Claire Luxton’s work draws on both the modern anxiety of society and the environment; each portrait, painting and accompanying poetry, becoming an exploration of isolation, desire and uncertainty. 

Claire Luxton

Economic studies are based on a series of basic principles: one of them states that, for any given individual, “the more, the better”. Insua’s work tries to push this axiom to the limit of excess and abundance, in order to tense it, question it or even defy it. The artist reinforces: ‘My pieces are about desire, opulence, ostentation and luxury."

Elisa Insua

Ben Cullen Williams explores mankind’s relationship to the world in a rapidly changing environment.

Ben Cullen Williams

The stories told through Asiko's images are an anthology of his emotional state in the intersection with culture and identity. The artist creates symbolic representations to question culture, beauty, identity and power, and fight against the barriers of patriarchy.


Bouelle’s heritage has inspired her to explore simplicity, melancholy and irregularity as the path towards fulfilment and towards her understanding of beauty and truth. From that, the artist aims to spark conversations around issues that have been ignored for far too long: gender issues, the impact of social media on women, memory disorders.

Tiffany Bouelle

For Saype, art must be a tool furthering social advances and helping social conflicts. Saype considers his work as a way to share his vision of the world and to invite us to wonder about our deep nature, our spirit, our place on Earth and in society.


Lauren's work explores the fragility of life, energy-fields, the after-life and other dimensions

Lauren Baker

Jennifer Abessira draws us to a reflection of our digital life versus the one that we actually live

Jennifer Abessira

Through intimate portraits and interviews, Andrea explores mental health issues and its intricate relationship with society

Andrea Tyrimos

Over seven billion souls exist on this planet, each with a unique face and story. Shana Wilson transfers her visceral love for the human landscape to canvas. She paints inspirational women from all walks of life, all having in common the ability to inspire and create social change.

Shana Wilson

British artist Mahtab Hussain (b. 1981) explores the significant relationships between identity, heritage and displacement. His themes develop through long-term research, articulating a visual language that challenges the prevailing concepts of multiculturalism.

Mahtab Hussain

Leni is interested in psychological and physical structures. She reconstructs narratives from biblical, classical and mythological worlds in order to deconstruct them into concepts founded on the most intimate fears.

Leni Dothan

Ania and Dejha create immersive work merging environments, technology and performance, addressing issues of our time with a timeless and minimal aesthetic.

Dejha Ti & Ania Catherine


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