Hope , 2019



From £1200 +VAT


Hope is an exploration of the duality between the human state and our delicate ecosystem. Our environment is a fragile equilibrium and as we continue to ‘borrow’ from our environment what is left in its place? With the increasing need to nurture and protect our planet, there is also an increasing need reflected in humans. Our own ecosystems, our bodies and our mental health is a topic that is increasingly affecting our everyday lives. We often tiptoe on a fine line between creation and destruction, life and death. Seeds open conversations of hope and optimism in the discussion of external and internal growth built on a foundation of time, vulnerability and nurture. Whether personal or global, a great change does not happen overnight, it is a slow ebb and flow that is often imperceptible. But from a tiny seed comes a great oak and belief is at the core of fertilising growth, adaptation and change. The work was made in a time of great personal uncertainty and held a lot of weight for me career-wise. After going viral during Covid the artwork has meant so much to so many, across the globe.


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