Head in the Clouds

Head in the Clouds , 2020

30 x 36 cm40 x 50 cm80 x 100 cm



From £1600 +VAT


We have a physical and emotional relationship with technology. A fantasy space, filling the void with a void. In months of isolation, we seem to have a found a new version of reality through an artificial reality, seeking our connection to the earth through screens and wires, as if they sound more pure and colour is more vibrant than in real life. The juxtaposition between us wanting authentic experiences and a connection to nature, our bodies and each other, but in reality it’s all virtual, simulated a dream. The Cloud explores the juxtaposition between the ephemeral and the eternal. Unlike the delicate simplicity and beauty of a cloud within nature, our digital cloud is permanent and growing. This vast invisible network where nothing is ever really deleted or recycled an ever expanding universe of data.


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