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The plants in the cage are the inaccessible dream, the paradise, the perfect life we are running after: the image of the idealisation of an exotic paradise; a personal representation of one of the faces of the platonic concept of Utopia. The mirrors in which the “’primitive jungle” is reflecting his wild and fresh image wish to show the hidden beauty and at the same time to include the spectator, which observe still on the other side of the metal cage, beyond the barrier. The mirrors are Jungian archetypal metre of judgement on the dramatic state of reality: the gas and chemical components reveal their hidden presence as objectified and well-lighted symbols of knowledge, projecting their cold neon light on the mirrors, next to the green plants and bright flowers. The mirroring effect serves also to the spectator as metaphysical instrument of inspiration and connection with the infinite, through the reflection of the Otherness of the utopic garden into the totality of his primary narcissistic beauty. The closest reality to the artist, in which this inaccessible garden is geographically located is London, actually one of the most polluted city in Europe, which embody the dangerous paradox experienced by our planet.


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