Stasis I – Entropy

Stasis I – Entropy , 2022




Stasis I – Entropy, observes the disorder and chaotic sense of the ocean through infinitely simulated turbulence. The work emulates the relationship between the oceans and their interactions with land and other masses. By emulating the undercurrents and the forceful phenomena of fluid dynamics, the artistic depictions are in a consistent and infinite display of disorder, attempting to break out of it’s confined domain. The music composition supports the concept of disorder through the subtleties of dissonance. The harmonic and melodic material follows suspension and tension, consistently moving in and out of emotional states. Further, the music notation follows the pattern of a wave through contrary motion found in classical counterpoint. The effect renders the music notation to depict the motion of a wave in both an inverted and normal orientation. Through this process, supported by recordings of the oceans altered with synthesis and spectrograms, the composition mimics this tension and the shape of the visual.




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