Don Diablo, ‘BLOCK UNIVΞRSΞ’, 2021, In collaboration with Drift.

Interactive NFT, mixed reality, polyester, light, AR, Installed dimensions variable (Sold)

BLOCK UNIVΞRSΞ, the NFT is part of an augmented reality work that figured in Drift’s 2021 solo exhibition at Pace Gallery in New York. The NFT comprises a one of one mp4 video file rendering of the AR work Block Universe with a soundscape by Diablo. A physical component of the work includes a handheld custom display showcasing the NFT in an infinite loop. Block Universe reimagines the solar system in block formations. These minimalist forms forge formal connections to the artists’ Materialism sculptures, which meditate on the materials that makeup human bodies and the world around them. The AR piece and corresponding NFT engage with the block universe theory that suggests the past, present, and future occur simultaneously.


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