Don Diablo, ‘HΞXAVΞRSΞ’, 2022, In collaboration with Drift K11 Musea and Sotheby’s.

Don Diablo’s HΞXAVΞRSΞ heralded a pioneering convergence of physical and digital aesthetics, exemplified through a series of outdoor art sculptures in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Crafted in collaboration with K11 Musea and Sotheby’s, these remarkable installations symbolise a transcendental bridge between the material world and the digital frontier. Situated at iconic locations, they beckon viewers to embark upon a visionary journey towards a new artistic paradigm. Vibrant colors, interactive elements, and augmented reality transform these sculptures into awe-inspiring, immersive experiences, forging an indelible mark on contemporary art. As spectators delve into the intricate details of each sculpture, they become participants in a symbiotic dance between the tangible and the virtual, unlocking boundless creativity and stirring emotions that transcend language and culture.


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