Shuster and Moseley, (Plan of the Path of Light) In the House of the Hidden Places, 2021


Hand-cut and faceted optical glass and low-iron glass on steel base

200 x 800 x 800 cm


A composition of four large-scale geometric glass sculptures (‘Glyphs) commissioned for ‘Forever is Now’, the first ever exhibition of contemporary art presented at the Great Pyramids of Giza. The work counterbalances expressions of geometric form and measure that are aligned to celestial points and stellar horizons, creating a kind of optical clockwork that reveals itself in an ever-shifting paradigm of illuminated planes that interface between the viewer and the cosmos. The geometric forms are counterpoised as glyphic expressions of im/materiality that are balanced on the terrestrial horizon but activated by the path of the sun and stars. Behind their abstract simplicity is a matrix of symbolic angles, measures and orientations, each carefully encoded with significations inspired by the optico-geometric magic of the Great Pyramids. The glass itself, whilst reflecting a future oriented aesthetic reminiscent of technological interfaces and contemporary architectures, in fact becomes an intermediarysuspended between materiality and transparency; the visible and the invisible. The work intends to create a kind of interdimensionality through these screenic interfaces, opening up an experience of the present to both the ancient world and to our future technological landscape.


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