Tiffany Bouelle


Tiffany Bouelle is a Franco-Japanese artist based in Paris, France. Bouelle’s heritage has inspired her to explore simplicity, melancholy and irregularity as the path towards fulfilment and towards her understanding of beauty and truth. From that, the artist aims to spark conversations around issues that have been ignored for far too long: gender issues, the impact of social media on women, memory disorders. Painting, Japanese watercolour, sculpture, interior objects design, video or performance: these mediums contribute to a multidimensional practise and provide a space to convey her emblematic geometric and colourful universe.

Tiffany’s capacity to translate both personal and collective memories into a deep palette of abstract shapes and colour combinations is also an allusion to precious memories of her childhood and travels. Places that touched her, such as Tokyo; bodies and figures whose emotions are interpreted in a single line and reflected on the beholder. Tiffany Bouelle also draws inspiration from current events and their indirect impact on individuals: the conceptualization of gender and its place in society, the contemporary relationship with memory, shocks, consumerism and industrialization. 

Her artistic practice also touches on the fundamentals of wabi-sabi: the beauty of imperfect, impermanent and incomplete things, the allure of simple and humble things. Tiffany also finds meaning in another aspect of wabi-sabi: traditional craftsmanship. This practice embodies the cultural strength and know-how of her two countries of origin, France and Japan. 

This admiration, strengthened by the artist’s background as a stylist, reflects in her choice of mediums, textures and colours. All these influences and her passion for architecture and the Bauhaus lead her to connect aesthetics with the useful, design with freedom. Tiffany has always imagined her drawings coming out of the canvas and landing on other surfaces: Khadi fabric, mirror, plexiglass, sculpture, vase, carpet. Each surface and texture turns into a new field of experimentation that sparks Bouelle’s creativity and pushes her towards new techniques.

In 2019, the artist started developing social projects that have also informed her practise. In ‘Rencontres’ (‘Encounters’), Tiffany questions women’s relationship with their bodies and the images they have of themselves. To explore this subject in greater depth, she travels to India to meet women with a different culture and levels of freedom whose personal stories find a universal resonance in the artist’s work. Tiffany visually translates these women’s interior life, sensitivity and repressed thoughts into abstract drawings and performance works. Recently, Bouelle worked with Collab For Love to raise awareness and funds for Fondation des Femmes – an NGO working to eradicate violence against women and in favour of gender equality. 

Tiffany Bouelle exhibits her work since 2018 in various galleries and art fairs in Paris and around the world. In addition to the shows, Bouelle works frequently with prestigious fashion and design brands (Moynat LVMH, Babel Brune or Maison Perceé just to name a few) in collaborations that speak to the brand and Tiffany’s values.

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