Dejha Ti & Ania Catherine

Dejha Ti and Ania Catherine are a Los Angeles-based artist duo whose work merges environments, performance, and technology, creating immersive experiences that draw audiences into their idiosyncratic worlds. They are represented by MTArt Agency. 

Both conceptual artists, their expertise collide —Ti with an extensive background in immersive art and human and computer interaction (HCI), and Catherine a recognised choreographer, performance artist and gender scholar. Rooted in the understanding that immersion is not only a physical state but also an emotional and psychological one, their approach employs nuance within a scale, focused on producing a feeling instead of a spectacle.

Their work can be experienced in innumerable contexts: museums, film festivals, art publications, nightlife, and lectures internationally at conferences such as SXSW, the Art+Technology series by Hyunday and Bloomberg, Christie’s Art & Tech Summit and MUTEK Montréal discussing art, technology, and immersion. Their ongoing collaborative practice is rooted in questions; they’re interested in ways that art and technology can be merged and harnessed not as entertainment, but as a means to reflect on, understand, and shape broader social realities. Referred to as an “LGBT power couple” (Flaunt Magazine), Dejha Ti and Ania Catherine are recognised as critical voices shaping the future of experiential art.

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Mirror Stages , 2017

Aluminum Dibond Print - Digital Art Photography (No photoshop) 90 x 151 cm Edition of 6 + AP
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    London Fashion Week 2021 with our artists Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti for Mithridate’s autumn and winter 2021 collection. After our very successful fashion show at the Serpentine Gallery, “Anthropocene” with Mithridate in September 2020, we are super proud to continue our relationship with Mithridate with the art of our artists. With all the restrictions in London, Chinese luxury brand Mithridate collaborated with our artist duo to create a digital experience for the reveal of their new collection. The work which reveals Mithridate’s AW 2021 collection is a multimedia interactive experiential work entitled “Automatiste”. Mithridate’s presentation of Automatiste will be live at 10:45 GMT on Monday, 22 February during London Fashion Week. More information here.

    From the Factory Berlin x Sónar+D Artist in Residence program our amazing LA-based artist duo Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti present I’d rather be in a dark silence than (2020), a multimedia interpretation of their signal blocking trench coat of the same name. Created in collaboration with fashion designer Barbara Sanchez-Kane, the coat merges conceptual art, fashion, and function.

    LONDON, September 2020 – Sofitel, the ambassador of modern French style, is to share ‘Joie de Vivre’ (The Joy of Life) from 28 September – 19 October 2020 through Silver Lining. Silver Lining is a major art installation situated in the St James’s locale, it inspire passers-by to look for the Silver lining in life as they navigate this new era. Our artist duo Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti will take part of this project with the poet Greta Bellamacina.


    Artists Ania Catherine and Dehja Ti designed a special art installation and performance activation during London Fashion Week September 2020 at The Serpentine Gallery for the Mithridate SS21 Anthropocene.

    Dejha Ti and Ania Catherine collaborated with Chinese brand Mithridate and launched Natural Subject(s), an innovative response to the lockdown portraying the brand’s new collection.

    SCAD Museum of Art, USA, 2019.

    Experiential Installation.

    On View is an immersive, experiential work commissioned by SCAD Museum of Art. Taking the audience-participant through three phases, On View looks at the generational desire to be the subject of an art experience. While it appears to be a non-digital environment, a complex network of technology is embedded both conceptually and technically into the backdrop of the experience—a nod to ubiquitous computing. Using TouchDesigner as a main brain, On View integrates over 20 network devices, real-time facial recognition, kinetic winch control, environmental sensors, dmx light control, media playback and guest profile generation.

    Los Angeles, 2018.

    Immersive performance Installation.

    Dejha Ti and Ania Catherine were commissioned by Adidas Originals to create a piece based on a grid pattern. off is on is a performance installation incorporating the syncopation of light, shadows, choreography, fashion, and sound culminating in an immersive, visceral experience on grid disruption.

    Los Angeles, 2018.

    In conjunction with the launch of the Adidas Originals Deerupt Runner, Adidas collaborated with four LA-based artists shaping the cultural landscape of the city. Dejha Ti and Ania Catherine were featured in the campaign commercial, highlighting the nuances of their practice and perspective.


    Berlin, 2019.

    Experiential nightlife, Performance Installation.

    At Berlin’s hybrid art space Trauma Bar und Kino, Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti created a suite of durational performance installations that discreetly shifted and morphed over the period of 4 hours. With pieces ranging from cocktails that order you, to an (80-year) old woman rearranging time, Empty Hour transformed the massive venue into a surreal journey challenging notions of time, age, and desire, with a dash of absurdity.

    Hong Kong, 2018.

    Experiential Nightlife, Performance Installation.

    On a floating boat in a Hong Kong bay, Dejha Ti and Ania Catherine created three durational performance installations for LACMA’s VIP Party during Art Basel Hong Kong. The pieces were artistic cornerstones of the evening and included a surreal flower wall, a monument of feminine power wrapped in fog and light, and an interactive wall with performers handing out notes and champagne through mail slots and trap doors. The party, In the Mood for LACMA was praised as the best party of the year with coverage in Forbes & Hong Kong Tatler, asking “Can a party change the world?”

    Los Angeles, 2020.

    Music Video.

    As artists and also a married couple passionate about queer representation, Ti and Catherine aligned their creative practice and personal life when approached by Madame Gandhi to direct and co-star in her music video for See Me Thru —a song about queer love. They designed each scene of the video to be a different world, using unique combinations of materials, light, and textures for a poetic representation of love’s flow and reflectivity. The video showcases the nuances of two women in love and brings to life the song’s message about sticking with a relationship and seeing it through. See Me Thru premiered on Billboard.

    Los Angeles, 2017.


    Commissioned by Robot Koch and Little Ashes as the official video for their single, The Big Now is a merge of installation art and performance, bodies and materials. The film follows the evolution of embodied feelings from a state of separation and distraction, to one of unity and presence.

    Los Angeles, 2016.


    Line Scanner is an illusory exploration of projected line animations onto human motion. This experimental work was an Official Selection at several film festivals, screening in the U.S., Spain, Sweden, Portugal, and included in a new media exhibition at CICA Museum (Korea

    Dubai, 2017.

    Photography published in Rika Magazine – Issue No. 16. Shot in the desert in Dubai, Mirror Stages is a collaboration between Ania Catherine, Dejha Ti and Samira Mahboub.

    Philadelphia, 2014.

    Immersive Installation.

    Lairs is an immersive installation that displays an imaginative integration of sculptures, projection mapping, filmed design experiments, and interactive elements. As the official closing of the DesignPhiladelphia Festival, Lairs wraps 360 degree video projections onto the colossal walls of the 5,000 square foot Icebox, and appear precisely onto a 1 ton sculpture. The installation examines our daily morphing masks, and asks Why? Where do these masks come from? Attendees directly influence the projections with their smartphones while simultaneously sharing their contributions to Twitter.

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