ChangeNOW x MTArt Agency

We worked with ChangeNOW for their 2021 three day summit. Our artist Delphine Diallo, our founder Marine Tanguy and art curator Katy Hessel were asked to lead a panel on the growth and diversity of audiences in a post-COVID art world. And our artist Jesu Moratiel was selected to be part of the Christie’s auction “More Art Less Carbon” taking place online on Friday 28th of May 2021.

The panel, “Art For Change”

Our artist Delphine Diallo, our founder Marine Tanguy and renowned Art Historian Katy Hessel led a panel at ChangeNOW. Over three days, ChangeNOW’s summit puts the spotlight on the most concrete and innovative solutions to face the World’s biggest challenges. Alongside world-class speakers such as the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, the CEO of Orange Stéphane Richard, Alexandre Mars, and so many more inspiring personalities, Katy Hessel, our artist Delphine Diallo and our founder Marine Tanguy will discuss «Post COVID Art World: What Audiences Want» for ChangeNOW’s program « Art for change ».

To join the event, sign up for free on the ChangeNOW website before Friday 28th of May 2021. The panel is part of ChangeNOW’s « Art for change » program, and will be diffused on Friday 28th of May 2021 around 10h40 – 11h45 am (Paris time) and is monitored by Ronan Delacroix

Art Auction, “More Art Less Carbon”

Our artist Jesu Moratiel is taking part in an auction organised and supported by Christie’s and ChangeNOW (the world’s largest event for the planet), «#MOREARTLESSCARBON: A Groundbreaking auction». The auction features 16 works by international artists who integrate what « already exists » in their pieces. With a sustainable perspective, the 16 artists discuss and use « already existing » materials in their creative process. Our artist will put his piece « Fairies Exist If You Believe » into the auction.

About our artist’s piece going into the auction, « Fairies Exist If You Believe »

Most pieces at the auction, including « Fairies Exist If You Believe » by our artist Jesu Moratiel are produced using recycled materials. Like a contemporary prehistoric amber fossil, hundreds of bees and seven Micro Memory cards are isolated in the eco-resin (no BPA) block. This piece is part of the “Elektron, Time is gold” series, a full series of sculptures that has become a fundamental pillar in Moratiel’s work. In this series, Moratiel draws from the artistic and anthropological record of universal cultures, their myths and beliefs, to configure a reflective framework of allegories to the origins of human concerns, added to other ingredients such as his interest in science and nature, or some of his intense personal experience. The transparency of the resin allows the viewer to see through the piece and perceive what is behind it. Despite the dead aspect of the insects, the piece seems to live a life of its own as its visual aspect keeps changing according to the exterior light it is facing.

Join the online auction here  (28th of May 2021- 6pm CEST)

About Jesu Moratiel

 Jesu Moratiel, is a multidisciplinary artist working with installation and sculpture, photocollage, painting and 3D animation. Represented by MTARt Agency, he currently works and resides in Madrid. His eclecticism deepens the intrinsic characteristics of the materials in which he works: the conservationist and insulating nature of the resin as time capsules contrast with its transparency and brightness. As for the digital work, he is interested in its artificial and ephemeral aspects, lost in the archaeology of the network and the flatness of the pixel and LED screen.





ChangeNOW is the world’s largest gathering of innovations for the planet. ChangeNOW believes in the power of action to address global issues and build a more sustainable world. They believe in the strength of collaboration and joint actions between different economic actors, to create a powerful ecosystem of positive impact and believe in the power of inspiration and narratives to set new standards and enable everyone to build a better world.



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