David Aiu Servan Schreiber au Pavillon St James “It’s later than you think”

David Aiu Servan Schreiber at ‘It’s later than you think’

MTArt Agency’s Cabinets of Curiosity in central London’s St James’s Market Pavilion inspire wonder, excitement and intrigue. Filled with artworks by MTArt artist David Servan Schreiber, the open air exhibition, ‘It’s later than you think’ features pieces of art and objects that have been carefully curated to provide a moment of reflection and contemplation, offering a haven of tranquility.

‘It’s later than you think’ is a mirror series commenting on pressing environmental issues. The mirrors are cut in two by a pool of gold, reflecting human actions on planet earth. The textured gold invades the mirror’s reflective surface, leaving the viewer to see only a section of their own reflection, suggesting how our human presence invades earth, and that very presence will soon be submerged as a consequence of the damage we have done to it. One is challenged to see both themselves and their planet’s treasures simultaneously, encouraging onlookers to face their individual responsibility.

The works in ‘It’s later than you think’ will be one sale at accessible price points and will also include pieces from Servan Schreiber’s Planet and Microcosm Series. The works in ‘It’s later than you think’ are a world exclusive and can only be acquired throughout the duration of the exhibition, until 1 November.

Each week, Servan Schreiber will leave a trail of clues that will lead to a planet mirror hidden somewhere in London for a lucky art-lover to find.

David Aiu Servan Schreiber’s artworks invites us to explore and think about our planet at large, and then draws us in to examine it close-up. His work focuses on our beautiful home, our planet, and visually represents both its beauty and the impact we have had on it. His work brings hope for the future and a reminder that beauty can always be found.

MTArt Agency is delighted to be able to provide an uplifting and very accessible response to Frieze London 2020 with portfolio of positive and hope-filled public artworks installed across London that includes locations such as Piccadilly Circus, Prince’s Arcade, Rosewood London, St James’s Market Pavilion and Covent Garden.

To find out more about ‘It’s later than you think’, or to purchase a work, please contact us info@mtart.agency.


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