Azimuth Festival

From 5-7 March 2020, some of the most notable talents from East and West converged on this historical site. Music, food and cultural collaboration celebrated at the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the historical old town of Al Ula in Saudi Arabia. The event marked the end of Winter at Tantora, a festival that has […]

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Beyond Walls

In a polarised world where mental and physical walls are being erected, Saype launched the largest human chain ever created in 2019 with a 15 000 sq meter biodegradable fresco in Paris, just under the Eiffel Tower. The Beyond Walls project shows interlaced hands united in a common effort for every human individuality to be granted rights […]

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Is Art still a Vehicle for Progress?

By Marine Tanguy. Jeff Koons started to produce his inflatable objects as a critique of American consumerism in the 1970s. Consumerism continues to flourish in the US today, as it does in all Western capitalist countries, but with one of Koons’ inflatables recently selling for $91million (the most expensive work by a living artist ever […]

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Agents for Change: How the emerging agency model will change the art market

By Marine Tanguy. It is a quirk of history that when we talk about artists it is far sexier to focus on financial tragedy than success. Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt are as famous for the destitution in which they spent the latter years of their lives, as they are for the works of art […]

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A Simple Hello

In collaboration with Rise Gallery, commissioned by the council, Lauren Baker created this uplifting neon installation on Surrey St Bridge, Croydon in London. Location Surrey St Bridge, Croydon, London, UK Dates Permanent installation Artist Lauren Baker Lauren Baker’s quotation design was installed on Croydon’s Surrey Street footbridge. The quote, which appears handwritten and reads ‘A […]

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euston town mtart agency

Mayor of London Fund x Euston Town BID x Jasmine Pradissitto

Innovative pollution-absorbing public sculpture on Drummond Street, London We worked on the arts and culture strategy of our partner Euston Town (London, UK), and artist Jasmine Pradissitto presented a climate-change inspired sculpture to create a more sustainable environment for the residents and passers-by from the neighbourhood. This arts and culture strategy represents our commitment to […]

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Euston Town Arts & Cultural Strategy

Euston Town is a partnership funded by local business, tasked to ensure that all stakeholders and communities benefit from the major construction taking place. The strategy is devised in partnership with MTArt Agency and supported by Camden Council’s Art Development team. This arts and culture strategy represents our commitment to helping to create a thriving creative scene, driven by the […]

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Approach art investment like a VC to make a profit

By Marine Tanguy. If you decided at this very moment to invest in your first work of art, how would you start? You might begin by walking into a gallery in search of an expert, or you might go online to gain an understanding of the kind of works that are appreciating in value. Yet […]

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Why you should invest in artists, not in art

By Marine Tanguy. If you want a return on your investment, it’s time to think about Bart Simpson. That might sound strange, but we live in a new age of art investment, and a new era of art investors. And it is for this reason that millennial collectors descended on a Sotheby’s auction in Hong […]

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Marine Tanguy thinks our eyes deserve more than narcissistic soft porn — so she’s building a stable of talents to rival Kim Kardashian

One day Marine Tanguy decided to do a test. She posted a picture of her bottom in a bikini to her 24,000 Instagram followers. The post received 75% more views than usual — and most of the viewers were other women. “I’m a grown woman,” says the 29-year-old French founder of arts talent agency MT […]

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Why I’m proud that the art industry has taken a stand against the Sackler family

By Marine Tanguy. When I heard that the Tate Group was following the National Gallery’s example by refusing to take further donations from the Sackler Trust, funded by the Sackler family, I felt a sense of both relief and pride in the arts industry. The Trust has for many years made generous donations to leading […]

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Visual Diet

How do we challenge the way we currently consume imagery and interact with social media? How do we make the public more conscious of their visual diet? Instagram Imagery, like anything else, can be healthy or harmful, addictive or nutritious. And now, more so than ever, this has become a massive issue with the huge […]

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