Lumiere Festival, Durham

In 2017, Shuster+Mosley created WHAT MATTERS, two immersive installations at St Oswold’s Church and Churchyard, as part of the Lumiere Festival in Durham. Inside the Church thousands of hand blown glass fragments were suspended from specific locations, arranged according to stages of cosmic evolution from the very early stages of the universe just after the Big Bang and before the formation of denser particles that preceded the “scattering of light”. The glass colours and locations were coordinated according to a spectrum of spherical sections derived from the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR, “relic radiation”)


The social sculpture is a collaborative project with artist Natalie Jeremijenko and architects Tate and Harmer. The aim is to encourage relations between nature and culture so as to inspire transparency and perspective, a space that is sensitive to the environment and contemplative, but one that is also radically open to the public realm. The funds generated from the TreexOffice were reinvested in green spaces in the area, aiming to create a virtuous circle.

The Guardian x Saype

Our artist Saype collaborated with The Guardian for their campaign as the first national newspaper to use recyclable packaging.

Beyond Walls, Andorra

The second step of the project “Beyond Walls” took place in Andorra, where Saype painted a 5.000 square meters biodegradable fresco.

In the World’s Hands, Buenos Aires

In May 2019, Saype painted this fresco in the heart of Buenos Aires, San Martin Square, to highlight the importance of education in the treatment of waste and recycling.

Message From Future, Geneva, Switzerland

In 2018, Saype painted this fresco in the park Le Perl du Lac in Geneva. The artist called the little girl ‘Future’ as a symbol of the generations from the future and the small origami boats that she drops into Lake Geneva aims to represent a message of hope sent to the world.

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