‘Do you want to change the world with me?’ by Lauren Baker

9 Porchester Sq is hosting a neon installation by Lauren Baker titled ‘Do you want to change the world with me?’. This work has been brought to you by MTArt Agency and Westminster Reveals.

Lauren Baker is a British contemporary multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in London. Her artwork poses a question, it’s an invitation, and it is intended to activate your soul’s higher purpose. A sense of mystery and emergence – of connecting with something beyond or much bigger than our own immediate world – pulsates throughout her work.

Lauren Baker’s work explores human connection, metaphysics and the expansiveness of the universe. Her signature neon works portray the power of energy through her poetic typographic and celestial chakra artworks. Passionate about environmental issues and sustainability, the artist uses light to express the ‘secrets of the universe’ and aims to raise the vibration of love and connection within the world.

She is an experimental artist whose practice expands across multiple disciplines and mediums to address the vastness of the universe. Conceptually grounded but also aesthetically striking, her work involves making the unseen seen. Baker’s visual style is often built around either emitting or reflecting light.




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