Juju Wang, ‘Game of Shadow’, in collaboration with Givenchy

Game of Shadow


Wood and magnets

12 x 30 x 30 cm


Givenchy Kyoto gold foil limited lipstick gift box in 2016, Givenchy joined hands with Japanese gold foil craftsman Hiroyuki Hiroshi to launch Kyoto gold foil limited lipstick, which is a perfect collision between traditional technology and fashion trend. As the 20 limited edition gift boxes specially designed for China, the box took inspiration from the gold foil process, cutting the entire extremely thin Linden laminate into different curved slices and re-splicing using traditional Chinese mortise and tenon technology. Combined with the artistic conception of the Chinese landscape painting Chengfeng on the side of the forest, through the change of light and shadow, a game of light and shadow is played in a limited edition gift box, in which Givenchy’s logo is presented. The gift box consists of eight letters and lipstick inlaid place, the nine palace grid can not only be used as a whole device mural, each letter can also be used as a separate refrigerator paste, play your own light and shadow magic.


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