Juju Wang, Balance, 2021



Metal wire, zip ties, motors, metal plate, wood, canvas and acrylic

1000 x 700 x 300 cm


In the layout of the space, the ground in front of each square canvas around the exhibition wall echoes a wooden stake. Only by standing on this stepping stone can the viewer see every detail in parallel with the work. The picture is an almost unconscious abstract painting, a myriad of combinations of points, faces and lines. Every small stroke: sometimes it comes from the dry tip of the pen, sometimes it captures the moment of fast writing, leaving different textures on the canvas. Like the withered pen technique used by painters in Chinese history, Wang adds the grasp of pen meaning and charm to the abstract concept, which opens a new possibility for media techniques; at the same time, it also implies the calm attitude towards the origin and origin and the tolerance of fortuitousness in the traditional culture.


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