Juju Wang, Transform the Unbalanced, 2022

Transform the Unbalanced


Stainless steel and zip-ties

1000 x 1000 x 500 cm


For a long period of time, Wang had been searching for a balance, whether that be between the cultural differences between the East and the West, the rationality of installation and artistic sensibility, or between imagination and reality. Slowly, she found asymmetrical relationships often unveil the perfect balance. Steel is a multifaceted metal that embraces the qualities of toughness and ductility. Its glossy plasticity is a metaphor for individual perseverance, resistance and self-breakthrough. Through the baptism between rigidity and flexibility, polish and corrosion, it seems to question the cyclical laws of change and its vitality.


The entire work is constructed from 20,000 meters of stainless steel wire, forming three different levels of bows, representing the great curiosity that needs to transcend its own limitations. The unbalanced bowtie brings the viewer into the visual world of the function through the arrangement and combination of steel wire curves of different length and hand weaving. The asymmetrical bow has a perfect balance and changes constantly in the cycle. The infinite curve seems to tell us that the end of the universe is not only mathematics, but also the art and the beauty of mathematics.



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