King Houndekpinkou, ‘Tokyo After Dark’ in collaboration with Glenfiddich, 2023.

In the studio of King Houndekpinkou, where the artist gave birth to ‘Tokyo After Dark’, an immersive art installation commissioned by Glenfiddich and executed by MTArt Agency. The collaboration between the Japanese-inspired ceramicist and the single malt Scotch whisky finished in exceptionally rare ex-Awamori casks (Japan’s oldest spirits, it is said to have a history of 600 years) is a celebration of their shared respect and knowledge of Japanese culture, concepts and traditions.

The central art piece represents a pivotal moment in King’s life and career: a conversation had in 2012 in an izakaya (a traditional style of Japanese bar) that ultimately led him to becoming a ceramicist. The installation is a luxury reimagining of an izakaya, infused with King’s experiences in Japan and the inspiration he has taken from Hanami: the ancient tradition where Japan appreciates the fleeting beauty of nature through the cherry blossom, a time for renewal and optimism. King also re-interprets Yakishime, a wood firing technique of ancient Japanese pottery, which gives a specific raw texture to his ceramics. His creations depict the relationship between the everyday, the visceral, and the sacred; grounded in a vessel as a sculptural base. Last but not least, the installation also references the tradition of pouring into another’s cup which he also experienced in his own seminal experience in the izakaya back in 2012.

Visit Harrods’ fifth floor this June to discover the artist-led experience and taste the 29 Year Old Grand Yozakura Glenfiddich whisky.


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