UBP Monaco, 2022


We are continuing our artists programme within UBP in Monaco. We’ve rehung new artworks by a selection of MTArt Artists bringing new creative energy and vitality to the space for 2023. Featuring MTArt artists Ellie Pritts, Cyril de Commarque, Nitzan Mintz, Walter and Zoniel, Derek O. Boateng, Ivona Tau, Lorenzo Quinn and Alexandria Coe.


Foreword from the exhibition:

Hand in hand “Life is an ever-winding loop of moments that convert into emotions that last a lifetime and beyond,” says sculptor Lorenzo
Quinn, whose work features in UBP Monaco’s latest exhibition of creations by artists promoted by the MTArt agency.

Emotions, like markets, go up and down. When they’re up they make you feel upbeat, bullish or even euphoric; when they’re
down they lead to deflation and you may recede into depression. They come in endless cycles of well-being and pain, of gain
and loss. Feelings are at the intersection of everything – nature, culture, society, business, art… They are infinite in time but also in that
they pervade every one of our actions, experiences and decisions. If we pay attention to what makes them tick, we can channel
them for good, for success; shape our world to encourage the flow of positive emotions, values and outcomes. What goes
around comes around: if you give, you will get. In this time of conflict and tension around the world, let’s reach out and reflect on the importance, for us as humans, of strong
relationships, mutual support, generosity, faith and love. The power of the emotions pervading every shape and shade of these
artworks by this new selection of artists will touch your heart.

Sérène El Masri
Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA, Monaco Branch



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