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Nitzan Mintz

Visual poet | Urban artist

Nitzan Mintz is a visual poet based in Tel Aviv represented by MTArt Agency. She began working a decade ago in the streets of Tel Aviv, where she would create visual poetry for specific locations in the city. She later continued to create studio pieces as well.

The public sphere has a central role in Mintz’s artistic process, as it is her main source of inspiration. As a Tel Aviv native, her personal growth and change has been echoed by the dramatic changes Tel Aviv has undergone in recent years. In her poems, Mintz attempts to verbalize personal and collective emotional struggles. Her poems are later developed into her visual pieces. She mainly uses leftovers from the public sphere, industrial materials, paint and letter stencils. Her final pieces facilitate a unique connection between text, form and color, allowing a new experience for the viewer. In her pieces in the public sphere she often considers the history and nature of the location, along with its visual aspects, thus deepening the meaning in her final piece.

Mintz has created pieces in the public sphere and has exhibited her work in different art venues and events in many cities in the world – New York, Miami, Montreal, London, Paris, Prague, Vienna, Berlin and more.

“My pieces are collages of words and materials. They are a combined product of words, places, materials and forms. My poems describe failures along with aspirations. I stretch between the two in an attempt to put in words what cannot be reconciled: the inability to return to childhood, a lost love, social and political expectations that have crumbled, gender-related conflicts and a complex one-sided relationship with god….Hence, my studio and the outdoors exist in an ongoing symbiosis. Outdoor pieces are placed in selected locations I chose for their history, their surroundings and the actual events that occur around them. Studio pieces have an aesthetic derived from the urban landscape and the outdoors. The studio allows exclusive techniques and treatments, alongside the development of new methods that can be later applied outdoors.”

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artworks Oeuvres
d’art sélectionnées

Yellow on Blue , 2019

Mixed media 38 x 45 cm

White on Purple , 2019

Mixed Media 82 x 68 cm

Untitled , 2018

Etching Aquatint 50 x 65 cm

StarCluster , 2019

Mixed media 40 x 31 cm

Space , 2018

Mixed media 56 x 37 cm

Rotschild 12 Door , 2019

Mixed media 188 x 69 cm

Purple Dream , 2019

Mixed media 114 x 67 cm

Nothing New in the Sky , 2020

Mixed media 90 x 72 cm

Memory , 2014

Mixed media 55 x 44 cm

Memory , 2015

Technique mixte 45 x 31 cm

Madonna , 2017

Acrylic on canvas 82 x 65 cm

Goodbye Letter , 2013

Paper-cut and spray paint 61 x 86 cm

Black on Red , 2019

Mixed media 52 x 47 cm

Black On Collage , 2019

Mixed media 59 x 75cm

Mother , 2017

Mixed media 154 x 60 cm


mtart agency artemizia foundation

We worked with the Artemizia Foundation, a foundation founded by art collector Sloane Bouchever. For their permanent collection, The Artemizia Foundation acquired works by six MTArt Agency artists. Our artists Claire Luxton, Rayvenn Shaleigha D’Clark, Jesu Moratiel, Asiko, Nitzan Mintz and Saype are seen amongst renowned artists like Tracey Emin, Ai Wei Wei, Joseph Beuys and Banksy. The Foundation’s goal is to create connections between community and contemporary art through stimulating conversations and programs designed to effect lasting, transformative impact. More information here.

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