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Luis Gomez de Teran uses his figurative language to convey, on a large scale, a reflection on spirituality, human connection and our environment. Born in Caracas, Gomez’s family moved to Rome when he was a child. Growing up in a religious family, he was introduced to visual arts in churches such as frescos—however, as a teenager, Luis Gomez de Teran expressed his creativity with large-scale graffiti and street art.

A self-taught painter, Luis Gomez de Teran’s practice led him to travel to London, Barcelona, and Berlin. Back in Italy, he continued extensive public paintings and started to take his work to unusual and remote places, where viewing contemporary art is a rare and unique experience. His work can be found in abandoned towns and facilities, on the top of towers and snowy mountains, in underground bunkers and caves, on shipwrecks, and also in lakes, seas, forests, and other inhabited places. By favouring figurative art, Luis Gomez de Teran examines human beings’ relationships. Hands, feet, and nude bodies embody his universal message of kinship. His process enables him to navigate layered and complex grand themes, such as beauty paired with the most dramatic aspects of life; through careful consideration of light and shadow but also with working the materiality of his pieces via peeling or burning.

Beyond considerations on our shared human condition, more recently, Luis Gomez de Teran has been exploring our urge to connect with nature. By witnessing nature’s beauty and strength, watching plants and flowers blooming, and gazing at water flows, Luis felt compelled to go beyond the figuration and abstraction; experimenting with form and shape. No longer on the side of buildings, this new phase inspired him to draw on the floor and turn the ground into a canvas. Luis Gomez de Teran also paints on plexiglass or wooden panels as a way to then place his work within a specific surrounding: creating a dialogue with their context. Works such as Eridanus, (DATE) about recent droughts in Europe, accompany other projects highlighting regeneration or earthquakes. Luis Gomez de Teran uses his art as a way to raise awareness about local problems. For him, artists have “a responsibility when it comes to public art as it holds a lot of power”.

Selected Exhibitions and Projects


Book and documentary about personal widespread public art project, throughout Italy.

‘Sacro Urbano’, Intervention for Contemporary art fair Arte in Nuvola, Rome, Italy.


‘Corpus homini’, Public art tryptic in Campobasso, Matera and Ragusa, Italy.

‘Graffitea’, Public art festival, Cheste, Spain.

‘Saato’, Public art intervention at Louvre Metro Station, Paris, France.


‘Anche quando l’alba non c’era’, Solo exhibition, Musma, Museum of Contemporary Sculpture, Matera, Italy.

‘Amnesia’, Solo exhibition, Montoro12 Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium.

Art direction for Mò street art, Public art festival, Rocchetta a Volturno, Italy.

‘Come le più belle cose’, Public art, Lavazza’s Toward 2030 project, Turin, Italy.


‘La voci delle pietre’, Public art, Marcellina, Italy.

‘Dendrocronologia’, Public art, Lavazza’s calendar ‘Good to Earth’, Phetchabury, Thailand.

Exhibition and live painting at Volta Contemporary art fair. Basel, Switzerland.


Mural painting, Museum of Fish, Zarzis, Tunis.

Mural painting, Museum of Mind, Rome, Italy.

‘The Black Decade’, Solo exhibition, Guido Reni District, Rome, Italy.

‘Emergence’, Public art festival, Catania, Italy.

‘Ronde de nuit’, Group exhibition, Adda & Taxie Gallery, Paris.

‘Nox Omnibus Lucet’, Solo exhibition, Galleria Varsi, Rome, Italy.


Art direction for Muracci Nostri, Public art festival in Rome, Italy.


Mural painting, Renate Club, Berlin, Germany.

St.Art India, Public art festival, Mumbai, India.



St.Art India, Public art festival, Mumbai, India.

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