Polymath Festival x MTArt Agency

We are the official partner of the Polymath Festival alongside the most prestigious institutions such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, the RSA , the Royal Institution, William Morris Gallery & many more. The Polymath festival is the world’s first major festival of ideas dedicated to celebrating many-sided human potential and exploring interdisciplinary solutions to complex world problems.

Our artists Asiko, Delphine Diallo and Mahtab Hussain are taking part of the festival and will be speaking on a panel with Paul Gladstone Reid, a Composer and Social Entrepreneur applying Creative Intelligence and Cultural Leadership practices from Arts and Humanities to advance human conditions and relations. They will talk about the « Perspective behind a Masterpiece », our artists are known for the strong messages they explore through their art, and we are very proud that they are going to be able to talk about their work at this festival amongst the world’s greatest minds. Our CEO Marine Tanguy is a moderator for several of the panels.

The Da Vinci Network curated the festival, the company leverages the art and science of multi-disciplinary thinking to generate unique insights and creative solutions for corporate, educational and cultural projects worldwide. The festival gathers multiple events that cover various trending themes integral to the growth of Self and Society in the 21st century.

The Polymath Festival is happening from the 1st to the 14th of February 2021, you can join the festival on their website.


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