Age of Classics | Saint Raymond Museum – Toulouse

In April 2019, some of Léo’s most recent creations were presented alongside well known contemporary Artists such as Xu Zhen, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and many others. The ” Neon Discobolus” was the central piece in dialog with an original greek version of it.

MACM – Musee d’Art Antique de Mougins

Léo Caillard has presented his art pieces all over the 3 floors of the MACM museum in Mougins, south of France. His artworks create a dialog in between ” past and present ” as they are surrounded by real antics busts and craftworks from the Greek and Roman Period of time. Alongside some other well known more modern art such as Yves Klein, Dali, Picasso and others.

Vanitas Virtual | Usina del Arte

2 November – 22 December 2019, Buenos Aires.
In Vanitas Virtual the artist invites us to reflect on the concept of vanity in the era of social networks, and on the relationship between the search for notoriety and economic abundance.

Mayor of London x Léo Caillard x Jennifer Abessira

#LondonIsOpen. MTArt Agency and Dazed teamed up on an Exhibition Competition for the Mayor of London’s ‘LondonisOpen’ campaign. The images shown in the exhibition of artists Leo Caillard and Jennifer Abessira, highlight the positivity in London.

AI-Da at Tate Modern

Sadie was invited by the Tate to creatively explore ideas of identity through technology at the Tate Exchange, leading to the first ever collaboration between a robot and the artist.

Ville de Paris x Clémence Vazard

Our artist Clémence Vazard has been awarded a Paris City Grant for her project #MyFirstHarassment, through which she gathered testimonies of French women about their first memory of harassment. The exhibition has travelled in different cities, such as Paris, Avignon and London.

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