Autograph ABP x Mahtab Hussain

‘You Get Me?’ exhibited at Autograph ABP and curated by Mark Sealy (2017)

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Christie’s Education x Adelaide Damoah

Adelaide Damoah was invited by Christie’s Education to present her “My Body Is Present” performance

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Museum Week x Adelaide Damoah

Adelaide was one of the faces of MuseumWeek 2019 and was invited by Paris Musée de l’Histoire de l’Immigration to perform “This is Me”

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MIA Art Collection x MTArt Agency

We launched the exhibition “Female Lenses for Art Activism” as part of #MIAanywhere, a new online initiative brought by the prestigious MIA Collection. With a selection of 7 of our most talented women artists, we wanted to contribute to MIA Collection’s mission to increase the visibility of female artists everywhere.

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Sculpture, Mild Steel, light bulbs, wires, arduino chip, 2017 Composed of a series of rectilinear metal forms, lightbulbs and timers, Interface explores our relationship to the built environment, while suggesting parallels between it, the human body and the self, as one of constant change, transitions and unseen systems. Bulbs turn on and off at regular intervals within the perforated forms, […]

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2018, Sculpture, Timber, Par Can lights Truss explores the spatial conditions of the bridges that connect Manhattan island to the surrounding landmasses. The vast steel bridges can be seen as undefined locations, with a spatial point of ambiguity occurring in the middle, neither one place or the other. These steel bridges are in a constant state of […]

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Staging Schiele

Southbank Centre, London, 2019 Structure, Steel, Gauze, Lights. Staging Schiele captures the artist’s own self-conscious framing of himself and his work. The installation created for Shobana Jeyasingh’s production is a modular steel structure given a partial skin of stretched fabric and energised by individually controllable LED batons. Williams – an admirer of Schiele’s drawings – aimed […]

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Ducie Street Warehouse, Manchester, 2019 Sculpture, Aluminium, Steel, LED Kinaesthesia explores the body as a site in a constant state of becoming and transformation. Pulsing LEDs are attached to two interlocking but separate aluminium structures connected by black wires to a steel mother grid above.  These two forms are held in a state of suspension, aware […]

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Orpheus and Eurydice

London Coliseum, 2019 Video installation, LED screen. The bridging point between Baroque and the new vivid dramatic works of the classical period, Gluck’s melodies helped secure the Orpheus myth as one of the cornerstones of opera. Williams created a video installation as part of Wayne McGregor’s production of the opera, an exploration of grief and loss in […]

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