David Popa in collaboration with Cantenac Brown, 2022.

We’re very excited about David Popa’s next collaboration: creating a monumental fresco on the vineyard of Chateau Cantenac Brown.
David Popa is an artist but also an adventurer. His greatest adventure comes from his unstoppable search to find poetic and diverse locations that will challenge his art, his materials and our conception of nature and its beauty. His artistic and adventurous conception pushes him to always look for locations that are able to combine adventure and large scale art. From islands to ice floats to raw earth at a Chateau, watch David Popa explain his intriguing capacity to work in all landscapes. Chateau Cantenac Brown is going to be taking Popa to a trip down Memory lane as he reconnects with his mother’s bordelese origins and links to the wine region.

David Popa’s work is starting to take shape at Cantenac Brown. Inspired by the terroir of the winery, the artist created a work building a link between our vineyard, the elements that compose it and our future cellar. A meaningful work at a crossroads between David’s artistic vision, which remains as close as possible to nature, and that of the cellar, made up of raw earth and raw wood. The materials David Popa uses are as powerful as his messages. His ecological message is unique as the pigments he uses match almost identically to the pigments used during the prehistoric area. David Popa’s goal is to take us back to our origins as he searches for the right pigment to deliver the right message.

Video can be seen here



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