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We are incredibly excited to announce that we are collaborating with global luxury e-commerce company Mytheresa to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021!


Our relationship with Mytheresa started a few years ago when our founder Marine Tanguy won the “Next Woman Award” supported by the brand’s CEO Michael Kliger. Mytheresa is such an incredible success story of a disrupter in the luxury and fashion world, we are proud to work with a brand who like us, disrupts the traditional world they are in and seeks to have an impact.

At MTArt Agency we support a new generation of women that collect art and fashion from the most inspiring artists and designers. According to economist Clare McAndrew, only 15% of women collect art, and at MTArt Agency, we already have 50% of women collectors, investors and shareholders. We support an array of women who have a strong influence in their respective industries and are able to embed art in their personal and professional lives.

So, to celebrate International Women’s Day, we wanted to feature a few of these women: our founder Marine Tanguy, our artist Tiffany Bouelle, our Patron of the Year Inès Leonarduzzi and our art collector Noëlla Coursaris Musunka. For this collaboration, the four women welcomed Mytheresa into their homes and talked about the artists and fashion designers they loved such as Chloé, Prada, Simone Rocha, our artists Delphine Diallo, Asiko and Léo Caillard.

Something that makes this partnership extra meaningful for us is that Mytheresa has offered to support the charities that each of these women most care about by donating 10 000 € to each charity. The charities that Marine, Tiffany, Inès and Noëlla chose are; Choose Love, Fondations Des Femmes, CARE France and Malaika.

Our founder Marine Tanguy welcomed Mytheresa into her home… 

(video credits to The Film Farmers)

Our founder, Marine Tanguy spoke about how art and fashion inspire her everyday life and how she expresses her creativity through the clothes she wears, the art she displays on her walls and the art she sees in the streets. After 12 years in the art world, Marine has built an impressive art collection from Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, Walter and Zoniel, Léo Caillard and Delphine Diallo. Many women collectors have since been inspired by our founder and have started to build their own collections. Our founder is also very passionate about integrating art into our cities and her home is near so many of our public art projects in London, for Marine:

“art and artists have a role to play from every visual that surrounds us, from our house to our street, to the digital and to everything we look at”

For this partnership, Mytheresa is supporting the charity Choose Love as it was Marine’s personal wish. As part of their “Art’s Female Future” program, the luxury brand will donate a total of 10 000 € to the charity. Marine strongly supports this charity and say that Choose Love;

“are making sure that women receive the necessary basics to help them take care of themselves and their families, and settle in the most challenging of circumstances”


Our artist Tiffany Bouelle welcomed Mytheresa into her home…

Watch the video now

In her art practice, Tiffany is very much aware of the patterns, colours and designs she creates. For our artist, it is core to her practice, fashion is somehow embedded in her work where sometimes she even works directly with the material and includes textiles in her pieces. Just like Frida Kahlo, whose art has had an influence on fashion, we believe that artists play a crucial role in inspiring fashion brands.

For this partnership, our artist is supporting the Fondation Des Femmes with MyTheresa. As part of their “Art’s Female Future” program, the luxury brand will donate a total of 10 000 € to the charity that our artist is supporting. Tiffany has been supporting the Fondation Des Femmes for a long time, it is a charity whose goal is to fight effectively against violence and for equality between women and men. In her artworks, our artist has always been supporting all women. She uses her art to raise issues that have been ignored for far too long, including the impact of social networks on women, memory disorder and gender issues.

“More than ever, it’s important to help women who experience domestic violence. That’s why I support Fondation Des Femmes“. 

For this partnership, our artist welcomed the brand into her Parisian studio and took them around her inspiring environment. In this video, Tiffany is wearing clothes from Mytheresa’s female collection from Prada and The Attico. Watch the video to have a glimpse of her studio and spot the beautiful artworks she is working on. We believe that it is always very inspiring to see the interior of an artist’s studio, especially the one of Tiffany who is full of colours and shapes!


Our Patron of the Year Inès Leonarduzzi welcomed Mytheresa into her home…

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Inès Leonarduzzi (Credits Anouk Marty)

If you have been following us on our social media, you must have heard of Inès and her inspiring background. Inès is our Patron of the Year, she is a successful entrepreneur who has made a career in the tech industry and founded “Digital For the Planet” – a worldwide startup that aims to help citizens and organizations to combine digital and sustainability transitions. For our Patron of the Year, art plays an important role in her life;

“Art is a world in which I felt safe from a very early age, yet I was not destined to take an interest in it. This is the most beautiful thing: a world that was the preserve of the elite yesterday, is today within everyone’s reach. Art inevitably brings us back to ourselves, it speaks to us constantly.” According to economist Clare McAndrew, only 15% of women collect art, at MTArt Agency we strongly support them and already have 50% of women collectors like Inès. 

For this ocasion, Inès is supporting CARE France, a charity that fights for women’s rights and against poverty in 104 countries. Ines says “they aim to protect people from homelessness.

If I can help these women even a little, then it would be the most useful thing I could do for International Women’s Day”. 


Our art collector Noëlla Coursaris Musunka welcomed Mytheresa into her home…

Watch the video now

Founder of Malaika, Noëlla Coursaris Musunka empowers the education of hundreds of girls through her Malaika model ecosystem in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As well as a successful entrepreneur, Noëlla is a philanthropist and a fashion model who cares about empowering women through education and health. Fashion has had a great impact on her life and has become part of her identity and Noëlla expresses this through the art she has at home and the clothes she wears, “I love fashion, it is a way to express yourself, it’s culture, it’s art, we are at a certain point of time where we need to have a turning point of how we consume, which brands we’re supporting and how they’re supporting the society”

Like with our founder Marine Tanguy, our artist Tiffany Bouelle, and our Patron of Of the Year Inés Leonarduzzi, Noëlla chose to support Malaika with the help of Mytheresa. For Noëlla;

“Malaika is the biggest pride in my life. I lead it, I volunteer, and its a pure joy to see all our programs growing”.

We have been working with Malaika in the past and helped them in creating inspiring environments for the girls staying at Malaika, for us, it is a dream to continue in helping Malaika and include Noëlla’s charity in Mytheresa’s program, “Art’s Female Future”.

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