The best marketing strategy for brands today? Working with visual artists

We do more than just put art on walls – we work on commissions that include retail activation, advertising campaigns, and limited products. We are a creative agency that is uniquely placed to connect you with the talent that represents your story, and we have the expertise to deliver it, from start to finish.

With over 60 artists on our books, we have a wealth of expertise delivering projects on all scales, for different purposes with diverse brands. We are known to engage large demographics and match the storytelling of the most inspiring brands with our artists.

We want our artists to inspire everyone, everywhere

Working with artists can raise brand visibility and offer advertising benefits. Collaborations demonstrate innovation, affirming the brand’s position as an influential leader, up-to-date with current trends, and socially engaged. When a brand’s story and messages are represented by an artist aligned with the same sentiments, partnerships build a valuable branding strategy.

How to work with us

If you have an idea of the sort of project you’d like to commission, contact us to tell us about it. If you want to know more about working with artists but aren’t sure how it could work for your brand, we can help you!
After you’ve spoken to us about your project, we can match you up with the most suitable artists who will work on design concepts.
We manage as much of the process as you need us to – managing the talent, overseeing production, securing PR and measuring data, from social media and conversion rates to marketing value, so we know just how successful your project is.


Past Projects

L’Occitane x Claire Luxton

We have worked with L’Occitane to install a new piece of public art in the heart of Regent Street, to give something special to the local community during their daily walks. We know how much public art is important, especially during lockdown when museums and galleries are closed, so it’s a dream to team up with L’Occitane and be able to provide an art project that can be enjoyed by everyone, with the magical work of Claire Luxton.

Claire Luxton’s work brings hope, healing and peace, the beautiful stained glass butterflies covering the store windows and Claire’s self-portrait are pure magic! The installation is on display between January and March 2021.

Union Banque Privée x Léo Caillard x Delphine Diallo

Advising the most prestigious banks with the artworks they shall be acquiring for their corporate collection is a dream come true. We are so proud that Union Banque Privée (UBP) in Monaco decided to acquire both the works of Léo Caillard and Delphine Diallo for their progressive nature.

David Aiu Servan Schreiber x Diptyque

David Aiu Servan-Schreiber worked with Parisian brand Diptyque. From theatre, music, painting, or fabrics, Diptyque’s world is made up of powerful emotions and delicate pleasures, art and the art of living. In the heart of St James’s Market Pavillion, the artworks from his stunning exhibition “It’s Later Than You Think” are intermingled with this world. Next to the “planet mirrors” and “microcosm”, the Diptyque objects reflect and shine in a beautiful way that enhances the beauty of each object.

Tiffany Bouelle x Babel Brune

Franco Japanese artist Tiffany Bouelle collaborated with the interior design brand Babel Brune and created stunning home furniture. Inspired by Art in general, each of Babel Brune’s collections comes to life when they meet an artist that inspires them to create and have fun. The brand was moved by Tiffany’s modernity and the passion to transmit emotions through objects, a passion that they both share. The curves on the objects are body fragments of women Tiffany met. The bodies are mixed with everyday objects, this beautiful mix symbolizes the alliance of art and design; a recurrent theme in Tiffany’s works.

Léna Mahfouf X Tiffany Bouelle

Léna Mahfouf, the young woman who is inspiring an entire generation in France, who is the number one bookselling author in France and who embodies positive values such as self-confidence and self-esteem, likes to trust us to make her home more inspiring with the work of our artist Tiffany Bouelle. At MTArt we are proud to see this new generation of women support our artists.

MTArt Artists x Madame Figaro

MTArt artists Andrea Tyrimos and Tiffany Bouelle on the cover of Madame Figaro. For the 40th anniversary of the magazine, art curator David-Herve Boutin has selected 26 artists to be exhibited at an exhibition at the Monnaie de Paris, who will also feature on the cover of Madame Figaro. The auction house Artcurial will lead an auction of the works to benefit Togeth’Her. 26 female and male contemporary artists were given carte blanche to design Madame Figaro’s cover page, featuring a portrait of a woman who has played a role in our modern history and who will continue to passionately promote essential causes in the future.

Hôtel Rochechouart x Tiffany Bouelle

Our artist Tiffany Bouelle created a series of artworks for the new trendy Hôtel Rochechouart, a fully revamped Art Deco historical building in the heart of the 9th arrondissement in Paris.

Rosewood London Hotel x Lauren Baker

MTArt Agency has spent 2020 trying to make magic and miracles happen, whilst inspiring people all over the world, and are delighted to be doing just that in partnership with Rosewood London. On 8th October, experts in public art MTArt Agency will be installing the work of MTArt artist, Lauren Baker in the grounds of the Rosewood London Hotel. Inspiring everyone who sees it, the uplifting neon piece ‘Expect Magic and Miracles’ will be on view outside the luxury hotel on High Holborn

St James’s Market Pavillon x David Aiu Servan Schreiber

MTArt Agency is incredibly proud to present, “It’s later than you think”, the work of their artist David Aiu Servan Schreiber in the heart of London’s most thriving areas, St James’s. “It’s later than you think” is a mirror series commenting on pressing environmental issues. These astonishing mirrors, remind the public of the climate emergency in which they are by placing the viewers in the mirror planet, making them face their individual responsibility.

Mithridate x Serpentine Gallery x Dejha Ti & Ania Catherine

Artists Ania Catherine and Dehja Ti designed a special art installation and performance activation during London Fashion Week September 2020 at The Serpentine Gallery for the Mithridate SS21 Anthropocene.

Silver Lining Sofitel x Ania Catherine & Dejha Ti

LONDON, September 2020 – Sofitel, the ambassador of modern French style, is to share ‘Joie de Vivre’ (The Joy of Life) from 28 September – 19 October 2020 through Silver Lining. Silver Lining is a major art installation situated in the St James’s locale, it inspire passers-by to look for the Silver lining in life as they navigate this new era. Our artist duo Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti will take part of this project with the poet Greta Bellamacina.


Mithridate x Dejha Ti & Ania Catherine

Dejha Ti and Ania Catherine collaborated with Chinese brand Mithridate and launched Natural Subject(s), an innovative response to the lockdown portraying the brand’s new collection.

Union Bancaire Privée x MTArt Agency

MTArt Agency now counts a 3rd location in Monaco, thanks to Union Bancaire Privée (UBP) whose space is opening at the end of June. To launch it, we have developed an exhibition program that addresses key topics that MTArt and its artists feel very passionate about. 

Ville de Paris x B Corp x The Guardian x SOS Méditerranée x Saype

As shown on the FT Weekend cover, our artist Saype created the biggest public artwork under the Tour Eiffel, a 15 000 square meter biodegradable painting which is part of the international project “Beyond Walls”

Rosewood London x David Aiu Servan-Schreiber

David Aiu Servan-Schreiber exhibited a selection of his works from the series Planets and Microcosms, engaging with the exquisite backdrop of the Rosewood London.

MuseumWeek x MTArt Agency

MuseumWeek joined forces with MTArt Agency to organize the 7th edition of its worldwide festival for cultural institutions on social media, supported by UNESCO and Europa Nostra.

Network Rail x Team London Bridge x Jennifer Abessira

Our artist Jennifer Abessira covered 72 bollards in front of the London Bridge station with archive images and a selection of photographs linked to the local community.

Sofitel x David Aiu Servan-Schreiber x 
Léo Caillard

We partnered up with Sofitel for their global campaign “Live The French Way”, exhibiting the works of our French artists in their stunning location at London St James until January 2020 and providing content for their marketing campaign.

A. Lange & Söhne x Léo Caillard

A. Lange & Söhne invited our artist Léo Caillard to be the face of their latest campaign celebrating their 25th anniversary of the iconic Lange 1.

Diptyque x David Aiu Servan-Schreiber

Our artist David Aiu Servan-Schreiber collaborated with candle brand Diptyque to create a special experience within his exhibition and product placement.

Ruinart x David Aiu Servan-Schreiber

During Frieze London 2019 and Fiac Paris 2019, the world’s oldest champagne house commissioned our artist David Aiu Servan-Schreiber to produce a sustainable artwork.

Flight Logistics x MTArt Agency

We partnered up with the sustainable Fine Art logistics company Flight Logistics. Their vans deliver art to top collectors across the UK featuring several artworks.

method x Adelaide Damoah x Jasmine Pradissitto x Konvalina

Jasmine Pradissitto, Adelaide Damoah and Konvalina were the faces of the eco-friendly cleaning brand method. They created a new limited edition collection of products featuring bespoke works of art.

Fiena Members Club x Lauren Baker

MTArt Agency and Fiena Members Club organised an evening of cocktails and art industry insights at the new stunning studio of our artist Lauren Baker. The conversation was all about investing in and collecting the top women artists.

25 Hours Hotel x Jennifer Abessira

The 25 Hours Hotel in Paris acquired the artworks of our artist Jennifer Abessira to create a soulful and unconventional space. The artworks of Jennifer Abessira suited the clients of the hotel.

Chloé x Adelaide Damoah

Adelaide Damoah and our CEO Marine Tanguy were the faces of the latest Chloé campaign, featuring their perfume Nomade. Chloé wanted to feature artists from emerging countries.

M&C SAATCHI x MTArt Agency

You are what you see. We partnered up with M&C SAATCHI to create the movement Visual Diet, promoting meaningful visual content and challenging us to become what we look at.

Cannes Lions x Adelaide Damoah

Adelaide Damoah opened the 2019 Cannes Lions edition with her performance #MyFace in front of 1000 people to make us rethink our relationship with the beauty sector.

Maison Kitsuné x Jennifer Abessira

Maison Kitsuné invited Jennifer Abessira for a special edition to mix her art with the Kitsuné Hot Stream playlist and commissioned works.

Atelier Emé x Jasmine Pradissitto

During the Design Festival in Milan, Jasmine Pradissitto brought her creations to activate Atelier Emé’s store.

Pomellato x David Aiu Servan-Schreiber

Our artist David Aiu Servan-Schreiber collaborated with Pomellato for the activation of their store in New Bond Street and the marketing campaign.

citizenM x Adelaide Damoah

Adelaide Damoah and our CEO Marine Tanguy were the faces of the latest citizenM campaign. CitizenM wanted to feature the top artists in London.


Last January, art gallery WE COLLECT and MTArt Agency co-hosted the exhibition Drivers for the Future, a group show curated by Olimpia Saccone featuring works by artists Enam Gbewonyo, Elisa Insua, David Aiu, Shuster+Mosley and Adelaide Damoah. The exhibition aimed to offer a perspective on the main timely fights that the new generations are standing for, the battles that will lead to a better future.

Athé Vanessa Bruno x Jennifer Abessira

Our artist Jennifer Abessira made her mark on the classic Athé Vanessa Bruno t-shirt for the 2019 S/S line.

The Guardian x Saype

Our artist Saype collaborated with The Guardian for their campaign as the first national newspaper to use recyclable packaging.

ONI Artist in Residence Programme

Our artists Shuster + Moseley collaborated with world-leading neuroscientists (ONI) to explore the architecture of the brain. The residency formed part of the artists ongoing research about the nature of consciousness. The age-old problem of the relationship between mind and matter has increasing significance today in our new technological environments.

Perrier x Jennifer Abessira

Perrier collaborated with artist Jennifer Abessira to create fun artworks on their iconic bottle.

Lavazza x Saype

Our artist Saype was the face of the Lavazza’s campaign “Good to Earth” across 30 international

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