Our artists inspire cities

We have worked with multiple organisations in different countries on projects powered by artists to inspire everyone.

We do the research, we manage the process, we deliver the results

When you work with us, you have access to our talents, our project management expertise, and the local impact data and PR we capture. We work with the world’s best-rising artists, enabling you to make a strong investment for both your local community and organisation.

Whether you want to advertise your product or service, boost wellbeing in the local community, or need an instagrammable installation for your city or event, we can help advise, provide access to artists, and manage as much of the project as you need us to, from inception through to capturing feedback.

We have worked on a range of innovative projects, including suspended neon light pieces, pollution absorbing sculptures, commissions for a festival in the desert, giant land art paintings and installations in airports and train stations. We have worked with city councils, international brands, and public services.

Whatever your project is, wherever it is, we can help you make it a reality.

Azimuth Festival x Lauren Baker

Our artist Lauren Baker created 2 public sculptures for the festival Azimuth and the development of UNESCO site Al-Ula (Saudi Arabia) and exhibited next to Kusama’s Infinity Room.

MIA Art Collection x MTArt Agency

We launched the exhibition “Female Lenses for Art Activism” as part of #MIAanywhere, a new online initiative brought by the prestigious MIA Collection. With a selection of 7 of our most talented women artists, we wanted to contribute to MIA Collection’s mission to increase the visibility of female artists everywhere.

Ville de Paris x B Corp x The Guardian x SOS Méditerranée x Saype

As shown on the FT Weekend cover, our artist Saype created the biggest public artwork under the Tour Eiffel, a 15 000 square meter biodegradable painting which is part of the international project “Beyond Walls”

MuseumWeek x MTArt Agency

MuseumWeek joined forces with MTArt Agency to organize the 7th edition of its worldwide festival for cultural institutions on social media, supported by UNESCO and Europa Nostra.

Network Rail x Team London Bridge x Jennifer Abessira

Our artist Jennifer Abessira covered 72 bollards in front of the London Bridge station with archive images and a selection of photographs linked to the local community.

Azimuth Festival x Shuster+Moseley

Our artists Shuster+Moseley created 11 public sculptures for the festival Azimuth and the development of UNESCO site Al-Ula (Saudi Arabia) and exhibited next to Kusama’s Infinity Room.

Paris Aéroport x Léo Caillard

Paris Aéroport is currently displaying a 40-meter long photographic installation of our artist Léo Caillard.

Euston Town Art and Cultural Strategy

In partnership with Euston Town and Camden Council, MTArt Agency wrote the cultural strategy for Euston Town, creating tangible goals for the cultural development of the area, notably in public art.

Mayor of London Fund x Euston Town BID x Jasmine Pradissitto

The Mayor of London Fund commissioned Jasmine Pradissitto a sculpture made from a geopolymer that absorbs pollution as part of the Euston Green Link walking route.

Gare Saint-Lazare x Léo Caillard

During FIAC 2019, our artist Léo Caillard decided to inspire everyone with his art and exhibited his works in Gare Saint-Lazare, one of the busiest train stations in Paris.

Mayor of London x Léo Caillard x Jennifer Abessira

#LondonIsOpen. MTArt Agency and Dazed teamed up on an Exhibition Competition for the Mayor of London’s ‘LondonisOpen’ campaign. The images shown in the exhibition of artists Leo Caillard and Jennifer Abessira, highlight the positivity in London.

Ville de Paris x Clémence Vazard

Clémence Vazard has been awarded a Paris City Grant for her project #MyFirstHarassment, through which she gathered testimonies of French women about their first memory of harassment. The exhibition has travelled in different cities, such as Paris, Avignon and London.

Why Invest in Public Art

We have proven that having access to inspiring art increases a sense of well-being and we have discovered that people would even be willing to pay to have public art in their local area.*

Read more on our expertise here

*Measuring the extent to which Londoners are willing to pay for public art in their city, Marine Tanguy⁎, Vishal Kumar, Technological Forecasting & Social Change 142 (2019) 301–311.]

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