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Whether you want to advertise your product or service, boost wellbeing in the local community, or need an instagrammable installation for your city or event, we can help advise, provide access to artists, and manage as much of the project as you need us to, from inception through to capturing feedback.

We have worked on a range of innovative projects, including suspended neon light pieces, pollution absorbing sculptures, commissions for a festival in the desert, giant land art paintings and installations in airports and train stations. We have worked with city councils, international brands, and public services.

Whatever your project is, wherever it is, we can help you make it a reality.

edited mtart agency claire luxton the crown estate

“Plant Yourself” The Crown Estate x Claire Luxton

With our partner The Crown Estate and our artist Claire Luxton, we launched our longest public art project along the 1.3km long street of Regent Street, entitled “Plant Yourself”. After our artist’s public art projects in Central London that started in January 2021, our artist Claire Luxton is continuing to inspire Londoners with her art. For this special project, Londoners are invited to look at their feet level as they wander on Regent Street to spot the beautiful and colourful artworks of our artist. The Crown Estate and Westminster City Council helped Regent Street to create a greener, safer and more accessible West End and we are proud to be stepping in and highlighting it with these super cool photographs. More information here.

the crown estate regent street mtart agency dede bandaid

The Crown Estate x Dede Bandaid

In collaboration with The Crown Estate, we brought a public art project on Regent Street with the work of our artist Dede Bandaid. « Culture fix » is an ongoing public art project started by Dede Bandaid at the beginning of the first lockdown. It aims at capturing as many people as possible from the cultural sector who are frustrated to not to be able to perform in front of their usual audience. ‘Culture fix’ is Dede Bandaid’s way to maintain local cultures alive while restrictions prevent us from gathering and celebrating together. To do so, the artist gives all kind of creators a temporary stage in the public space to keep a connection with their audience. More information here.

St James’s Market Pavilion x Andrea Tyrimos

MTArt Agency is proud to present “Lockdown Stories”, an art installation by Andrea Tyrimos, at St James’s Market Pavilion in collaboration with The Crown Estate to welcome Londoners back to the public realm. The show explores mental health issues and how people coped during the first lockdown.  This art exhibition consists of a series of portraits and audio recordings of lockdown stories. You will have the chance to walk by our project and listen to the stories of a range of anonymous people from all backgrounds. In these beautiful stories, from students to an NHS doctor, you will have a glimpse of their daily lives, and how little things such as seeing the “lovely things that the local community have done to support [the NHS]” and “hanging art on walls” have helped them mentally to live lockdown in the most positive way possible. Get involved in the show, more information here.

Saype x “Beyond Walls” in the Republic of Benin 2021

In March 2021, Saype completed the 10th step of his “Beyond Walls” project in the Republic of Benin. Five frescoes, four islands and one fresco by the ocean, Saype never stops impressing the world. For the very first time, our artist Saype painted directly on a beach, this was a real technical challenge as he had to compete with the wind, the sand and the tide from the sea. For this challenging part our artist painted with a headlamp by night, the time and work invested in it were worth it as the result is truly unique.

W1 Curates x Andrea Tyrimos

Our artist Andrea Tyrimos worked with W1 Curates in London, W1 Curates showcases works from some of the most innovative artists from around the world on their digital screens in the heart of London on Oxford Street. Our artist Andrea Tyrimos joined the #LightItBlue project, it is an initiative that is part of the wider #MakeItBlue campaign in the UK – the campaign encourages people everywhere to share their own messages of gratitude and solidarity to the NHS.Created during London’s first lockdown in 2020, Andrea Tyrimos’s painting “Sophie”, wanted to elevate key workers to the status they deserve by shining a light on the crucial work they do.

Andrea Tyrimos’s artwork is diffused on the screens every Thursday evening from the 4th of February 2021 (end date to be confirmed).

Saype, “Beyond Walls” in Cape Town, South Africa

It is incredibly meaningful to see that our artist Saype is adding some hope, peace and unity in a country like South Africa with his project “Beyond Walls”. South Africa is a country rich in culture and ethnic diversity bound by the spirit of Ubuntu (togetherness), and using art to share this value is powerful, especially when a country is going through dark times. Our artist Saype finished his 9th step of his worldwide « Beyond Walls » project in Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa on the 25th of January 2021. There is a total of three frescoes around the city, the hands interlacing one another is a fraternal vision of the three communities. The gigantic hands symbolize the reconciling will of Neslon Mandela by linking, beyond social and economic inequalities, the three districts of Sea Point, Philippi and Langa.

L’Occitane x Claire Luxton

We have worked with L’Occitane to install a new piece of public art in the heart of Regent Street, to give something special to the local community during their daily walks. We know how much public art is important, especially during lockdown when museums and galleries are closed, so it’s a dream to team up with L’Occitane and be able to provide an art project that can be enjoyed by everyone, with the magical work of Claire Luxton.

Claire Luxton’s work brings hope, healing and peace, the beautiful stained glass butterflies covering the store windows and Claire’s self-portrait are pure magic! The installation is on display between January and March 2021.

St James’s Market Pavilion x Jennifer Abessira

We wanted to provide a constructive and positive response to the January lockdown that would offer some light and hope to everyone. Following an accident when she was younger, our artist Jennifer Abessira started to use her art and colour reference as a therapy and an escape, so we couldn’t think of anyone better to inspire and bring joy with their art. We have filled the cabinets of curiosity with 107 of Abessira’s pieces, each an invitation to step into her photographic world of intense colours and experience a moment of tranquillity and wonder. The work is in the open air, and of course free to access. Thanks to the Crown Estate for all their support.

David Aiu Servan Schreiber x Diptyque

David Aiu Servan-Schreiber worked with Parisian brand Diptyque. From theatre, music, painting, or fabrics, Diptyque’s world is made up of powerful emotions and delicate pleasures, art and the art of living. In the heart of St James’s Market Pavillion, the artworks from his stunning exhibition “It’s Later Than You Think” are intermingled with this world. Next to the “planet mirrors” and “microcosm”, the Diptyque objects reflect and shine in a beautiful way that enhances the beauty of each object.

Ben Cullen Williams and Claire Luxton x Koppel Project

Our artists Claire Luxton, Ben Cullen Williams and The Koppel Project Campus resident Dr Merritt Moore participate in the interactive exhibition at The Koppel Project Exchange Loading…

The exhibition explores the dynamic intersections between humanity and technology, the spaces between dreaming and data, code and catharsis.


The Crown Estate x Delphine Diallo

Occupying 12 metres of vacant shopfronts in the heart of Regent Street, the public art exhibition “One Love” showcases Delphine Diallo’s powerful photography. The exhibition opens the narrative for a more inclusive world and society.  Working with The Crown Estate, MTArt Agency has been installing artworks on shopfronts and hoardings to keep the area an uplifting place to visit in spite of the Covid crisis. The trail of public art is accessible to everyone, promoting positivity, inclusivity and empowerment.

Vigo Street and Conduit Street x Léo Caillard and Àsìkò

Teaming up with The Crown Estate, MTArt Agency has incorporated exciting artworks in streets and shops that have struggled since the COVID-19 outbreak. In order to keep the area beautiful and inspiring, artists Léo Caillard and Àsìkò have provided artistic responses to activate the area. Asiko’s works adorn hoardings by the Royal Academy whilst Caillard’s piece takes over a shop front on Conduit Street, nestled among luxury brand names and restaurants. Both artists’ work feature strong, powerful women, projecting presence and inclusivity.

King’s Cross Tunnel x Mahtab Hussain

The work of Mahtab Hussain forms part of a major new public exhibition in King’s Cross Tunnel and the surrounding area alongside other leading international artists. Curated by Ekow Eshun and in partnership with the Fund for Global Human Rights, the exhibition faces the crippling effects of COVID-19 and its impact on marginalized communities, and the ways in which the consequences of inequality and racism have been exposed this year.

Capco Covent Garden x Ben Cullen Williams

Ben Cullen Williams created A=V, a public art project in the North Piazza of Covent Garden commissioned by Capco Covent Garden and executed by MTArt Agency in October 2020.

St James’s Market Pavillon x David Aiu Servan Schreiber

MTArt Agency is incredibly proud to present, “It’s later than you think”, the work of their artist David Aiu Servan Schreiber in the heart of London’s most thriving areas, St James’s. “It’s later than you think” is a mirror series commenting on pressing environmental issues. These astonishing mirrors, remind the public of the climate emergency in which they are by placing the viewers in the mirror planet, making them face their individual responsibility.

Ocean Outdoors x Piccadilly Circus x MTArt Agency

MTArt Agency artists kept inspiring many cities during the Covid lockdown. Thanks to our collaboration with Ocean Outdoors, their art has been featured across 60 locations in the UK.

Inside Out

Inside Out Festival is the latest initiative from Westminster City Council to attract visitors back to the West End to enjoy London’s Cultural and hospitality safely. From Marble Arch through Leicester Square to Covent Garden Piazza, the Inside Out festival will feature performances and installations from some of the area’s top theatres, opera houses, and galleries. Our artists, Claire Luxton, Ben Cullen Williams and Lauren Baker will be part of this festival.


Silver Lining Sofitel x Ania Catherine & Dejha Ti

LONDON, September 2020 – Sofitel, the ambassador of modern French style, is to share ‘Joie de Vivre’ (The Joy of Life) from 28 September – 19 October 2020 through Silver Lining. Silver Lining is a major art installation situated in the St James’s locale, it inspire passers-by to look for the Silver lining in life as they navigate this new era. Our artist duo Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti will take part of this project with the poet Greta Bellamacina.


HOPE Exhibition

We put together a hope-themed art exhibition thanks to Sookspaces with curator Mary Ahearn that celebrates the role that art plays into our lives and our hearts. Featuring Delphine Diallo, Tiffany Bouelle, Amber Vittoria, Asiko, Andrea Tyrimos, David Aiu Servan-Schreiber, Claire Luxton and Léo Caillard.

Everyday Heroes x Mahtab Hussain

Mahtab Hussain has made two portraits for the Everyday Heroes exhibition. Printed at over five metres high and displayed in the outdoor spaces around the Hayward Gallery and the Southbank Centre.

Saint Petersburg Art Academy in Florence x Tiffany Bouelle

Tiffany Bouelle has been invited to exhibit a body of works she created during the confinement at the world renowned St-Petersburg Academy of Arts in Florence.

Azimuth Festival x Lauren Baker

Our artist Lauren Baker created 2 public sculptures for the festival Azimuth and the development of UNESCO site Al-Ula (Saudi Arabia) and exhibited next to Kusama’s Infinity Room.

MIA Art Collection x MTArt Agency

We launched the exhibition “Female Lenses for Art Activism” as part of #MIAanywhere, a new online initiative brought by the prestigious MIA Collection. With a selection of 7 of our most talented women artists, we wanted to contribute to MIA Collection’s mission to increase the visibility of female artists everywhere.

Ville de Paris x B Corp x The Guardian x SOS Méditerranée x Saype

As shown on the FT Weekend cover, our artist Saype created the biggest public artwork under the Tour Eiffel, a 15 000 square meter biodegradable painting which is part of the international project “Beyond Walls”

MuseumWeek x MTArt Agency

MuseumWeek joined forces with MTArt Agency to organize the 7th edition of its worldwide festival for cultural institutions on social media, supported by UNESCO and Europa Nostra.

Network Rail x Team London Bridge x Jennifer Abessira

Our artist Jennifer Abessira covered 72 bollards in front of the London Bridge station with archive images and a selection of photographs linked to the local community.

Azimuth Festival x Shuster+Moseley

Our artists Shuster+Moseley created 11 public sculptures for the festival Azimuth and the development of UNESCO site Al-Ula (Saudi Arabia) and exhibited next to Kusama’s Infinity Room.

Paris Aéroport x Léo Caillard

Paris Aéroport is currently displaying a 40-meter long photographic installation of our artist Léo Caillard.

euston town mtart agency

Mayor of London Fund x Euston Town BID x Jasmine Pradissitto

We worked on the arts and culture strategy of our partner Euston Town (London, UK), and artist Jasmine Pradissitto presented a climate-change inspired sculpture to create a more sustainable environment for the residents and passers-by from the neighbourhood. This arts and culture strategy represents our commitment to helping to create a thriving creative scene, driven by the people who use the public realm. More information here.

Euston Town Art and Cultural Strategy

In partnership with Euston Town and Camden Council, MTArt Agency wrote the cultural strategy for Euston Town, creating tangible goals for the cultural development of the area, notably in public art.

Gare Saint-Lazare x Léo Caillard

During FIAC 2019, our artist Léo Caillard decided to inspire everyone with his art and exhibited his works in Gare Saint-Lazare, one of the busiest train stations in Paris.

Mayor of London x Léo Caillard x Jennifer Abessira

#LondonIsOpen. MTArt Agency and Dazed teamed up on an Exhibition Competition for the Mayor of London’s ‘LondonisOpen’ campaign. The images shown in the exhibition of artists Leo Caillard and Jennifer Abessira, highlight the positivity in London.

Ville de Paris x Clémence Vazard

Clémence Vazard has been awarded a Paris City Grant for her project #MyFirstHarassment, through which she gathered testimonies of French women about their first memory of harassment. The exhibition has travelled to different cities, such as Paris, Avignon and London.

Why Invest in Public Art

We have proven that having access to inspiring art increases a sense of well-being and we have discovered that people would even be willing to pay to have public art in their local area.*

Read more on our expertise here

*Measuring the extent to which Londoners are willing to pay for public art in their city, Marine Tanguy⁎, Vishal Kumar, Technological Forecasting & Social Change 142 (2019) 301–311.]

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